how do you join the group?

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how do you join the group?

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Set 24, 2006, 4:57pm

I would like to join, but I only have "watch this group" and "recommend this group". I was wondering whether there is something wrong with the way you started it or if it is something LT should look into.


Set 25, 2006, 12:36pm

ALL the groups are showing up like that for me...

Set 25, 2006, 5:32pm

I'm not sure what's going on with the groups. I have it set so anyone can join.

Set 25, 2006, 5:41pm

I made it! "join this group" was there today and I joined. Where is anybody from? I am in Putnam County, just outside Westchester. It is not VERY upstate, but to some people it already is in the Boondocks!

Paola :-))

Set 25, 2006, 5:47pm

Albany here. I grew up in the Capital Region and lived for a while in NYC (where everyone thinks anything outside of Manhattan is "upstate"!)

Editado: Set 25, 2006, 8:03pm

Is Lower Hudson (LoHud to be trendy) upstate enough? I am north of the Bronx : ) And west of the Hudson !

Set 25, 2006, 7:59pm

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Set 25, 2006, 8:02pm

Suburban Albany here - halfway between Albany and Schenectady. (With connections to Utica, Amsterdam, Troy, Ithaca, and Schoharie, too.)

where everyone thinks anything outside of Manhattan is "upstate"!)

I had a college roommate from Westchester who also described himself as from "upstate".

Editado: Set 25, 2006, 8:10pm

alibrarian, glad you're here!

I was going to suggest that you broaden your "On the banks of the Hudson" group...have you found any other Putnam County LTers for that?

(moments later, after re-reading the thread...)
Oh! aluvalibri, meet alibrarian. You two must be practically neighbors.

Set 25, 2006, 9:28pm

Glad to join. Okay, it's Rockland County, nearly in New Jersey, but I live north of the Tappan Zee Bridge at least. Ex-resident of the Bronx and Queens. And my father grew up in Rosendale in Ulster County.
Anyway, to my friends at work in NYC, I live in the boondocks !

Set 26, 2006, 7:42am

oh yes, alibrarian, we probably are not that far from each other, but I am deepr in the boondocks than you are!

Editado: Set 26, 2006, 11:54am

I live waaaaayyy over in western NY. :D

Set 26, 2006, 12:05pm

Hi everyone. I confess...I'm not from Upstate, although I went there for my senior trip 25 years ago.

I am...gulp...a Brooklynite. ;o) Anyway, you could say I live in the very southern provinces of Upstate NY. (I thought I'd give it a try).

BTW, I'm not currently in NYC, much further south, MS. I visit regularly as my family is still there.

Set 26, 2006, 12:13pm

Well, TheaMak, we can make you a honorary member of the group!!!


Set 26, 2006, 12:18pm

am...gulp...a Brooklynite. ;o) Anyway, you could say I live in the very southern provinces of Upstate NY

LOL ... how about the suburbs of Upstate NY? :D

Set 26, 2006, 2:34pm

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Set 26, 2006, 7:15pm

Hi TheaMak - I used to lived in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. :)

Set 26, 2006, 9:38pm

I grew up in Cypress Hills, 2 blocks from Gotti land. It was probably the safest neighborhood in the borough. :)

My parents are still there, although Gotti isn't.

I prefer the city, nowadays, although growing up I was enchanted with Upstate NY; I thinkI was in need of greenery.

Set 29, 2006, 2:37am

Until December last, i was in Corning, the Southern Tier; Cortland before that. Ten+ years in upstate NY. Cymru now, across the ocean, though still lovely and rural. And the one thing i have to correct in everyone i meet here..."No, not The City. Rural New York; it's lovely there."


Set 29, 2006, 7:51am

Thank you LindsayH!!!!
A lot of people have absolutely no idea of how beautiful New York State is.

Set 29, 2006, 11:05pm

I used to live waaaaaay upstate in Watertown. Now I'm stuck at the other end of the weather spectrum in hot, humid Georgia.
Lindsay, I know exactly what you mean - whenever I was back in England visiting my family I would get the same reaction - New York? Isn't the traffic/pollution terrible? I lived 6 hours from NYC and there was NO traffic and very little pollution. The other mind boggler for them was when we moved to Maryland and were 3 hours closer to NYC. :-)

Editado: Out 5, 2006, 1:49pm

Hello everyone.

Just finding my way at LT. This group seems a great fit.

We moved to the Southern Tier from Parsipanny, NJ after WBP, FL for two years -we missed the easy drive to NYC, Philly, Canada, NY wine country & unsubtle SEASONS.

We now live on 4 acres bordering a NY state park, so absolutely Yes! NY is lovely. BTW, I met eight turkeys this a.m. as I went to feed our koi.

I grew up in Albany (Mercy High School), met my husband there; he grew up in Binghamton, which is ten miles from us. I prefer Ithaca -forty miles away ;~)

Out 5, 2006, 6:08pm

Hello, and welcome to our group!
I think it's probably safe to say that many people prefer Ithaca. I lived there for 2 years 20 years ago, and still think fondly of it. It seemed like it was always raining or snowing when I was there - a friend called it "Ithacating."
We sometimes see wild turkeys wandering about here, too, in our suburb of Albany. It's always a surprise!

Nov 7, 2006, 1:14am

I'm way out in West NY too, nearer to Rochester. Until a few months ago, I lived on the edge of Lake Ontario, a stone's throw across from Toronto. Well, it was when you could ride the now defunct Ferry and toss it after you crossed. Now you'd need a really strong arm.

Lots of book sales in Rochester libraries, my mother is a habituae. This was my first year attempting them, and I agree about the bookdealers. I just about stopped, mid sale, jammed my eyes shut and screamed bloody murder from being pushed around. Don't know how people stand it, they are rude and evil!

Nov 8, 2006, 7:23pm

(I just was getting us organized to take the family on the Rochester-Toronto ferry . . . and then it went bankrupt....)

Nov 10, 2006, 10:13pm

Sorry you missed it. Well, sorry for lots of things about the ferry. Ironically, I moved across the river from the ferry and the day I signed a lease, they announced it was quitting. They did reopen it for a brief span while I lived there, but I didn't have an opportunity to ride it. Watching it pull into harbor every night was a glorious sight, though.

Many friends rode it. Everyone said it was beyond wonderful and planned to ride it several more times for the experience alone. From what I hear, it was worth taking it just to be on it. Of course, Toronto is a fun town to land in as well.

Sadly enough, it's still sitting there, unused and costing something in the ball park of $10K a day. For such a beautiful ship, it did have an odd sort of curse to it almost from the day it began it's journey to the US from where it was built in Australia.

Hmmm....might make an interesting book, the Tale of the Faulty Ferry.

27cpascale Primeira Mensagem
Nov 17, 2006, 1:20pm

Hello Upstate New Yorkers!

I'm new to this group and to LT so I'm still figurinig out how all of this works, please fogive any gaffs

I'm a central New York dweller (Utica) and a librarian. I moved to CNY two years ago when I accepted my current job and I must agree with LindsayH and aluvalibri, that upstate is a beautiful place to live. I write that as I await the beginning of my third *official* winter here -- everyone here is warning this year will be the doozy they've been predicting since I arrived ;)

Dez 3, 2006, 8:12pm

I've been at LT a little while and thought why not--I've live in the Elmira NY area pretty much my entire life--subtracting the time I was in the Coast Guard--even there I was in the NYC area for a couple years--so never really ever that far away from home. I like it here--it's a nice area. I just wish we could get a new congressman--other than the one we have.

Dez 3, 2006, 9:45pm

I've joined--but is it legit? I grew up truly upstate (my sister says "central New York" to avoid the Westchester problem). I was born in a hospital in Utica (Faxton), spent my first 5 years in New Berlin, and grew up in Waterville--then went off to college and never really lived in central NY again.

I did, however, live in NYC for about 20 years: 5 in Manhattan, 4 in downtown Bklyn, 2 in Cobble Hill (hi, Carroll Gardens), & 8 in Bayside (hmm, that's only 19--oh, well). I've been living in exile for about 30 more.

Jan 11, 2007, 10:33pm

Hi, All - I, too, am an Upstater albeit in the Southern Tier.

Both of my parents were from the Rochester-Webster area and my middle brother was born in Rochester. I spent roughly 10 years in the Syracuse area prior to moving down here to the Broome County-Binghamton area (currently in Vestal). For a while I even lived in the "wilds" of Killawog NY (as far north in Broome County as one can go). However, I discovered that, as I grew older, I preferred more amenities so a move closer to "town" ensued.

I love Upstate and travel all over the central portion for work (law librarian) and pleasure.

Jan 19, 2007, 4:26pm

hey heyjude!

I have a question. I've driven by that sign for killawog, and always wondered about the origin of that name. Is it what it seems to be?


Jan 19, 2007, 4:44pm

Hi, everyone . Another from Albany here.

Jan 19, 2007, 10:45pm

>31 sabreader: Hi-ho, sabreader:

One of the old tales about the name Killawog is that "wog" was a derogatory term for Indian and someone killed one or something like that. I really don't know and one would think I would have checked it out with the Broome County Historical Society - but I haven't.

The hamlet does have a small (smaller than my living room) Post Office and, when I lived up there, a feed store, hardware store, and a vet. Not sure if any are still in existence since I moved nine years ago. I do know that there was a girls' school there in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

It is a nice area and I loved living in the country but the commute got to me after a while, not to mention the desire to be able to go to a movie or dinner with friends and still have most of the evening free. Plus shopping, etc. :-)

BTW - how did you get all those book covers on your profile page? Really nice....