Joys and regrets

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Joys and regrets

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Editado: Set 11, 2007, 1:26 pm

Firstly -- hello all!

I thought I'd start a thread to share our DW book-hunting highs and lows.

Highs -- quite a few, thinking back. A stand-out would have to be finding a pristine copy of So Vile A Sin by Ben Aaronovitch in an Oxfam in Littlehampton, West Sussex. Another would be discovering a cache of remaindered NAs in a Brighton bookstore.

Lows -- the one that will always haunt me: passing up a new copy of Lungbarrow by Marc Platt in Methvens, St Albans some time after it had gone out of print. I still don't have a copy.

Fev 8, 2008, 5:07 pm

Don't know if you know this, but Lungbarrow is available as an eBook for free legally on the BBC website. Obviously it's not the same as owning a copy of it, but it's better than nothing. (I'm reading it right now.)

Mar 12, 2008, 6:55 am

There's also other ebooks on the BBC's website, and they're all worth a read even if you've read the original books, they've all been edited by the authors and they all have accompanying author notes.
They're all available free to read and most of them are available for download in a variety of formats including ebook/ereader formats.

Mar 12, 2008, 5:03 pm

I was disappointed in Lungbarrow. I think it is a case of nothing could be as good as what you imagine.

Mar 18, 2008, 10:01 am

I think my best find so far was a slightly-faded but still tightly-bound new copy of Dead Romance in a clearance bin in a local newsagent a few months ago. I already had the mad Norwegian reissue, but now I have a complete set of Virgin NAs.

Jul 5, 2008, 11:39 pm

I'll share a mixed high and low of my Doctor Who book collecting. I ran a pretty weak little Yahoo Group called Doctor Who Library where a band of 60 or so fans would chat and hold group readings and discuss new books, ratings and so on. There was a guy named Billy Tweedie involved - and he was always trying to sell his Target collection. We had a 3 sales posts per month rule, and he broke it all the time, and since I ran the show - I had to keep complaining to him.
Some time goes by, and he's not participating so much - then not at all. I thought he was tired of being told not to sell stuff. After a week or two I get a big box of Target novels delivered in the mail - many of them, maybe 50 or so. There was a short note saying 'these are for you' and I think something else was on the note - something friendly, and it was signed Billy Tweedie.
After this - a friend or family member of his posted to the thread that he had died of a prolonged illness.
Here the guy was just trying to get his collection into the hands of people who would care for them, and I kept barking at him to cut it out. He could have told us - this is true - but there was a bitter-sweetness to the whole situation.
In the end (literally) the guy sent me his beloved collection. I am honored to this day - and think of him fondly whenever I think of any Targets. When I pass them on to someone - I'll tell them about this - and I'll take care to choose someone who loves them.

If, on the odd chance, one of you knew this fellow - please drop me a line.

Jul 12, 2008, 8:02 pm

Daedalus18-That's a very moving story.

Highs-Finding a copy of Human Nature at a Half Priced Books back in May and ordering a copy (FINALLY!) of Festival of Death off of this morning for six bucks!

Lows-A few years ago Half Priced Books sold many many EDA remainders and I DIDN'T pick up a copy of Camera Obscura. Arggh.

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