Transgender 101 book(s) in Spanish ??? (Help)

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Transgender 101 book(s) in Spanish ??? (Help)

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Ago 5, 2015, 2:13 am

I just received this in a Facebook group I help monitoring. I'm out of my depth as to what's available in Spanish, so I hope somebody here might have a suggestion.

"Just a quick update I mentioned in a previous post I sent a coming out letter to my mom. it went fairly ok. She said she supports me in whatever makes me happy... however she repeatedly mentioned that she doesn't understand and even though I explained it to her she comes from a small village in mexico, a much simpler place... Does anyone know of any books either natively in spanish or available translated to help her understand? Something to help her understand what she should be doing or how transitioning works. Any help appreciated thanks
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((my mom doesn't internet so no online resources only print))"

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