Marieke's arm chair travels through Europe

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Marieke's arm chair travels through Europe

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Editado: Dez 22, 2014, 3:13 am

France (1)

Right now I'm in revolutionary Paris, with Hilary Mantel's A place of greater safety, which is not a quick and easy read. The enthousiasm of the Parisian mob for beheading those they can lay their hands on makes me think of IS.
Keep reading, but don't know if I will reach the end of this historical novel.

After this book I want to read Napoleon. De schaduw van de Revolutie by Bart van Loo

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France (2)

Fiction situated in France that I read recently (last years):

De verborgen geschiedenis van Courtillon by Charles Lewinsky
Maak dat je wegkomt en De man van de blauwe cirkels both by Fred Vargas
Stadsliefde en De wandelaar both by Adriaan van Dis
The foreign correspondent by Alan Furst

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France (3)

Non fiction situated in France that I recently read:

The black count by Tom Reiss
Martyrs and murderers by Stuart Carroll
Avignon of the popes by Edwin Mullins
The prince of Europe by Philip Mansel

Eleanor of Aquitaine by Allison Weir
Time for outrage - Indignez vous by Stéphane Hessel
De Patagonische haas by Claude Lanzmann
Parijs. De verborgen geschiedenis by Andrew Hussey

A moveable feast. The unabridged edition by Ernest Hemingway
Verloren verleden. Een eeuw Russische émigres in Parijs by Angela Dekker
De edelmoedigen by Alexandre Jardin
An officer and a spy by Robert Harris

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Greece (1)

After Bart van Loo's Napoleon. De schaduw van de revolutie my idea is to move to Greece, with Farewell to Salonica, a book that has been waiting for me a long time.

The wish to read this memoir one of these days comes from riffling through two great cookbooks, De Joodse keuken by Claudia Roden and Cookbook of the Jews of Greece by Nicholas Stavroulakis. Such fantastic recipes they give! With accompanying (his)tories.

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Italy (1)

This lovely little book, Jan Morris' latest, was a Santa Claus gift

And I still have to finish Titian. His Life and the Golden Age of Venice by Sheila Hale, I book I began to read last summer.

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Italy (2)

My all-time favorite novel is an Italian novel:

De Geschiedenis (La Storia, History) by Elsa Morante

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Italy (3)

The nonfiction I liked:

Caravaggio by Andrew Graham-Dixon
Pasolini requiem: een biografie by Barth David Schwartz

The kingdom in the sun by John Julius Norwich
Middernacht op Sicilië by Peter Robb
Het stenen boudoir by Theresa Maggio
Cosa Nostra by John Dickie

City of fortune by Roger Crowley

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Italy (4)

Great Italian fiction I read in 2014:

-Het Mussolinikanaal by Antonio Penacchi

-The first three novels of the series L'amica genial by Elena Ferrante
My brilliant friend
The story of a new name
Those who leave and those who stay
The English translation of the series' last novel ('The story of the lost child) is expected in October 2015, something to look forward to!

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France (1.1)

Hilary Mantel about the many ways Robespierre is pictured but not seen: