Skin Game - spoilers possible

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Skin Game - spoilers possible

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Out 10, 2014, 10:44am

Skin Game

The thread for discussing instalment 14 of the series.

Not bored yet! But I do dislike the continual removal of favourite characters. Although there are a few re-births in this one. I was particularly impressed with the parasite. I think there'll be a lot of fun in that, like an early Molly. I'm not sure about Butters though. He never had any magical talent at all, and now all of a sudden he does. Bob can't physically do everything.

Out 19, 2014, 12:13am

I enjoyed this one, probably more than any since Turn Coat or Small Favor. The previous case, Cold Days, had me worried about power creep, and I was glad that was less of an issue this time around. I prefer Harry as an underdog rather than a superhero.

I see in your review that you didn't like the missing bigfoot background. This was in a trilogy of short stories: "B Is For Bigfoot", "I Was a Teenage Bigfoot" and "Bigfoot On Campus". I actually went ahead and read those when the Genoskwa popped up, which was worthwhile. I think it's in character for Harry not to tell stories about his clients. He's supposed to be a PI, after all, and the rule is: "You keep your mouth shut".

The "retconning" of Death Masks was actually a mistake by Butcher. The beta readers caught it, but it wasn't corrected before publication.

I suspect Butters won't last much longer, but that's based mainly on extra-textual information...