Lost Recipe: Uncle Sam's Kisses


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Lost Recipe: Uncle Sam's Kisses

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Mar 17, 2014, 9:53 am

Ever feel like you are snipe hunting when recipe hunting? This is probably my greatest snipe hunt ever. I am seeking a recipe, or closest approximation, for Uncle Sam's Kisses.

It is a soft caramel with pecans. My great-grandmother would make these for her children and grandchildren. She would roll the caramel, pinch off a piece, place it on wax paper, and then twist the paper shut like you see saltwater taffy pieces today.

I have tried every forum and resource I can think of. I even contacted NPR when they had a lost recipe segment -- I almost made it to working with some candy experts that time.

My mother was born in 1943 and has lived her entire life in Texas. My great-grandmother was born in Texas in 1892 (and lived her entire life in Texas). Her parents were from Alabama. Her father's family was from South Carolina. Her mother's family was from Georgia. I mention all of this with the hope that maybe the candy was regional.

Online, I've found two references to this candy. One was a caption about a painting. The second was a box for sale on a collectibles website. I would love for to help my mom find or recreate this recipe!

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I have managed to locate a recipe similar to Uncle Sam's Kisses.

This receipe is called " Pecan Caramels" quite closer to what you describe. You decide.

Happy Cooking!!!


Suggestion: There is more to this recipe.
Go to the internet:

Search: Texan Candies Recipes - Pecan Caramels

There are various variations.

Mar 17, 2014, 4:21 pm

>2 razzamajazz: That is one of the recipes I've already tried. It made sauce instead of caramels...though that was my broken candy thermometer. It's on my list to try again.

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All about this:


Click on the question on the right hand side, there is a contributed recipe.