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Sources of Free Books In Electronic Form

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Editado: Fev 28, 2014, 12:52 pm

I'm on a perpetual quest to find sources of electronic free books, especially and usually older books (19th Century) pertinent to local NW Illinois history. I'm very interested in the Galena, Illinois (composite photo) and environs (NW Illinois, SW Wisconsin, NE iowa, part of the so-called Driftless Area) and frequently finding books that I don't even know exist.

Here are some general electronic free book sources I've found:

Project Gutenberg, of course.

Archive dot org, including the wayback machine, etc

The Kansas Collection, where I found this delightful and interesting book from 1854. While focused on Kansas, there are many books of more general interest.

Librivox, audiobooks.

Many Books.

On Line Books at University of Pennsylvania. Many are links to other sources of free eBooks.

Making of America at University of Michigan.

Open Library. Sometimes links to exterior sites.

University of Adelaide.

University of Cambridge.

Amazon free classics for Kindle.

Kindle reading software, incidentally, is freely available for PCs and Macs via this site at Amazon and other sites.

If you search "free ebooks" or "free ebooks university," you will get many more sources. You could also try searching "free ebooks university" and the name of some country such as "France" (translating these search terms into French), for example.

Feel free to cite your interesting free eBook sources, especially if they are specialized in some area or period.