Jan's 2014 reads

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Jan's 2014 reads

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Books to date: 100

Auster, Paul, Man in the Dark (180 pages)
Baldacci, David The Hit (484 pages)
Baldacci, David, King & Maxwell (523 pages)
Berenson, Alex, The Night Ranger & the Kidnapping Short Story (475 pages)
Berry, Steve, The King's Deception & the Tudor Plot (622 pages)
Block, Lawrence, Time to Murder and Create (185 pages)
Block, Lawrence, All the Flowers are Dying (354 pages)
Block, Lawrence, A Long Line of Dead Men (338 pages)
Block, Lawrence, Ticket to the Boneyard (331 pages)
Block, Lawrence, A Drop of the Hard Stuff (319 pages)
Block, Lawrence, When the Sacred Ginmill Closes (239 pages)
Block, Larwence, Out on the Cutting Edge (242 pages)
Block, Lawrence, In the Midst of Death (185 pages)
Block, Lawrence, Everybody Dies (292 pages)
Block, Lawrence, The Sins of the Fathers (276 pages)
Block, Lawrence, Somethings they Bite (Short Stories)
Block, Lawrence, A Walk Among the Tombstones (412 pages)
Block, Lawrence, Eight Million Ways to Die (352 pages)
Block, Lawrence, A Stab in the Dark (202 pages)
Block, Lawrence, A Dance at the Slaughterhouse (294 pages)
Block, Lawrence, Even the Wicked (373 pages)
Block, Lawrence, Hope to Die (364 pages)
Block, Lawrence, Boarderline (249 pages)
Block, Lawrence, The Night and the Music (232 pages)
Block, Lawrence, The Specialists (160 pages)
Block, Lawrence, Such Men Are Dangerous (182 pages)
Brown, Dan, Inferno (611 pages)
Brown, Sandra, Deadline (486 pages)
Burke, James Lee, Light of the World (629 pages)
Child, Lee, Never Go Back & High Heat (592 pages)
Child, Lee, Tripwire (401 pages)
Clark, Marcia, Guilt by Association (352 pages)
Connelly, Michael, The Gods of Guilt (429 pages)
Cornwell, Patricia (527 pages)
Deaver, Jeffrey, The Kill Room (608 pages)
DeMille, Nelson, The Panther (782 pages)
Downing, David, Silesian Station (306 pages)
Downing, David, Zoo Station (293 pages)
Downing, David, Lehrter Station (378 pages)
Downing, David, Masaryk Station (332 pages)
Dunn, Matthew, Sling Shot (491 pages)
Forsyth, Frederick, THe Kill List (365 pages)
French, Tana, Broken Harbor (450 pages)
Furnivall, Kate, The Red Scarf (470 pages)
Furnivall, Kate, Shadows on the Nile (424 pages)
Grafton, Sue, W is for Wasted (433 pages)
Helprin, Mark, A Soldier of the Great War (860 pages)
Helprin, Mark, In Sunlight and Shadow (705 pages)
Jance, J.A., Injustice for All (217 pages)
Kellerman, Jonathan, Therapy (497 pages)
Kellerman, Jonathan, The Clinic (465 pages)
Kellerman, Jonathan, Billy Straight (428 pages)
Kellerman, Jonathan, Time Bomb (468 pages)
Land, Jon, Strong Rain Falling (402 pages)
Lawton, John, Second Violin (416 pages)
Lawton, John, Then We Take Berlin (414 pages)
Lawton, John, Lilly of the Field (374 pages)
Mankell, Henning, An Event in Autumn (152 pages)
Nesbo, Jo, Te Bat (369 pages)
Nesbo, Jo, Cockroaches (368 pages)
Nesbo, Jo, The Devil's Star (452 pages)
Nesbo, Jo, Nemesis (473 pages)
Nesbo, Jo, The Snowman (550 pages)
Nesbo, Jo The Leopard (676 pages)
Nesbo, Jo The Phantom (470 pages)
Nesbo, Jo, Police
Nesbo, Jo, The Son (402 pages)
O'Neill, Joseph, Netherland (256 pages)
Paretsky, Sara, Critcal Mass (539 pages)
Pelecanos, George, Hard Revolution (373 pages)
Pelecanos, George, The Double (292 Pages)
Petrushevskaya, Ludmilla, There once lived a mother who loved her children, until they moved back in (181 pages)
Pryor, Allan, Her Majesty's Hit Man (313 pages)
Ragan, Naomi, Sotah (484 pages)
Ragan, Naomi, the Saturday Wife (292 pages)
Ragan, Naomi, The Sisters Weiss (322 pages)
Ragan, Naomi, THe Tenth Song (304 pages)
Ragan, Naomi, The Covenant (276 pages)
Ragan, Naomi, The Sacrifice of Tamar (442 pages)
Ragan, Naomi, The Ghost of Hannah Mendes (381 pages)
Reich, Christopher, The Prince of Risk (541 pages)
Rutherfurd, Edward, New York (860 pages)
Rutherfurd, Edward, Paris (809 pages)
Rutherfurd, Edward, Sarum (1100+ pages)
Seymore, Gerald, Home Run (432 pages)
Silva, Daniel, The English Girl (520 pages - 2013) - Gabriel Allon called in on kidnapping of British girl. Plot twists.
Stevens, Taylor, The Informationist (305 pages)
Stockton, Kathryn, The Help (444 pages)
Thor, Brad, Hidden Order (456 pages)
Turrow, Scott, Limitations (197 pages)
Umringar, Thrity, The Space Between Us (321 pages)
Unger, Lisa, In the Blood (340 pages)
Unsworth, Barry, Sacred Hunger (630 pages)
White, Randy Wayne, Mangrove Coast (319 pages - 1998) - Doc goes to Columbia in search of the missing wife of a dead war buddy.
White, Randy Wayne, Shark River (302 pages, 2001) -Doc meets Ransom and endures Tuck's last scavenger hunt, aids fall out from botched kidnapping of Hal Harrington's daughter.
White, Randy Wayne, North of Havana (253 pages) - Doc and Dewy go to Havana - where things are never as they seem - to rescue Tomlinson.
White, Randy Wayne, Tampa Burn (394 pages)
White, Randy Wayne, The Heat Islands (307 pages)
White, Randy Wayne, Ten Thousand Islands (297 pages)

Fev 1, 2014, 9:20 pm

Hi Jan, and welcome to the group!

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Welcome to the group Jan !

Fev 2, 2014, 2:15 am

Looks like you enjoy a BIG book! Welcome to the group.

Jan 1, 2015, 7:08 pm

Finished on the evening of 12/31 with an even 100!

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Well done on reading them in author alphabetical order !!