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Another blog about liturgy

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Jul 21, 2007, 6:28pm

Just thought I'd post the link to my blog Glenwood Place, which has a heavy slant toward Anglican and Roman Catholic liturgy, especially the Liturgy of the Hours. Comments welcome. Scott

P.S.: I thought I'd post here anyway to get something new on the board (since March 3!).

Jul 30, 2007, 1:13pm

I took a look at your blog, and the pictures there of you as a subdeacon at Church of the Ascension in Chicago.

I haven't been in Chicago in years, my sister and her family lived there until 1985, but non-church going. So, I did visit a few parishes, including yours, Savior, St. Chrysostom's, the Cathedral.

I took my wife to Ascension, and she thought it was a little too high, but did meet an assistaing priest who had (or was going to have) a connection with St. Gregory's Abbey in Three Rivers. My wife has served as a sub-deacon at the Cathedral in Detroit.

For the daily office, I am currently using Phyllis Tickle's The Divine Hours : Prayers for Summertime. I do them on the bus, and I only want to carry one volume with me, unlike other people who do some sort of daily office, at a non-moving location, and can keep a bunch of books nearby. The Book of Common Prayer requires a Bible or a lectionary.

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