The New Series

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The New Series

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Jul 16, 2007, 5:05 pm

When I heard the Doctor was coming back - what was it two or so years ago - I was hopeful. I remember watching twenty plus years ago as the station faded in and out - moving my arms or a leg in the right way to see it more clearly.

Now, with two young boys - I had already let them see a Pertwee and Baker episode I had on tape - I find I have to extend bedtime on Doctor Who nights.

My boys (9 and 6) are addicted! They especially love the Daleks - an episode with them is on tonight (#4 of Season III). I just hope Tennant sticks around a while. I do miss the longer shows though - everyday for thirty minutes.

Jul 16, 2007, 6:28 pm

My username might give you a clue that I'm a Doctor Who fan - have been from waaaay back (like 1963 when the CBC showed the first few stories although I was so young I don't recall much) although I didn't really get into it until the 1970s when used to buy the books and then while at university I saw some on TVO and more in the 1980s when PBS got into the game.

When I first heard the Doctor was coming back I borrowed all the videos our public library had, to watch myself and also to give the kids some idea of the context of the series. Big mistake. The Hartnell-era stories bored them to tears (even I think they could use a good edit) and had them howling with derision at the special effects and the alien costumes. Troughton not much better. Pertwee onwards weren't too bad, but they still mocked the SFX. Got to the point where they wouldn't watch them at all. Sigh. I guess I should have started with Pertwee or Baker, and let them watch the older stuff as their own interest took them there.

Anyway, the new series is a hit with my husband and me and our younger (15yo) son. Older son (18yo) not so keen. Funny about Daleks - they seem to be everyone's favourites. Even DS18 will watch if there are Daleks.

We hope Tennant stays too - I really liked Eccleston and was sorry he didn't give it a year or two more, but Tennant is even better.

Fev 20, 2011, 11:24 pm

Well I got in to Doctor though the new series I watch a bit of the classic series and read a lot of wikia.

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