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1. And the Mountains Echoed Khaled Hosseini- (01/01/14 - 01/7/14)
2. Maintenance Man II - Michael Baisden (01/01/14 - 01/03/14)
3. Irresistible - Susan Mallery (01/01/14 - 01/09/14)
4. The Eye Unseen - Cynthia Tottleben (01/01/14 - 01/16/14)
5. Ghost Ship (short story - smashwords) - Michael J. Shanley (1/6/14)
6. Red Lily Nights & Other Vignettes - (Smashwords) - Tiffany Fulton (01/06/14)
7. Hollywood Heels - Do All Dogs Go To Heaven? (short - smashwords) - Eva Headley (01/06/14)
8. De-Clutter Your Stuff AND Simplify Your Life- 40 Ideas’ How To De-Clutter & Simplify Your Life In Just Minutes A Day - Suzy Right (01/06/14)
9. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho (01/09/14 - 01/14/14)
10. Krampus: The Yule Lord (Audio) - Gerald Brom (01/09/14 - 01/29/14)
11. Innocent in Death - J.D. Robb (01/15/14 - 2/4/14)
12. Max - James Patterson (01/15/14 - 01/31/14)
13. Sleepyhead?, NOT! - SittieCates (01/23/14)
14. The Other Woman - Eric Jerome Dickey (01/15/04 - 01/28/14)


15. Anything We Love Can Be Saved - Alice Walker (02/04/14 - 02/25/14)
16. You've Got It All Wrong - Ingrid Ricks (02/04/14 - 02/15/14)
17. The Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King (02/17/14 - 03/07/14)
18. Manhunt - Janet Evanovich (02/17/14 - 02/21/14)
19. Love Overboard - Janet Evanovich (02/20/14 - 02/26/14)

20. What Looks Like Crazy On An Ordinary Day - Pearl Cleage (03/01/14 - 03/13/14)
21. Quartet in Autumn - Barbara Pym (03/01/14 - 03/14/14)
22. The Saints and Sinners of Okay County - Dayna Dunbar (03/15/14 - 03/17/14)
23. The Wig: Crazy Summer - Renata Suerth (03/05/14)
24. Flush - Carl Hiaasen (03/06/14 - 03/12/14)
25. Your Wife Will Pay - Rj Cnote / Richard porter (03/13/14)
26. How Organic, Fast Food and Obesity Affects Our Lives - Lauren Hill (03/13/14)
27. Zane's The Sisters of APF: The Indoctrination of Soror Ride Dick - Zane (03/16/14 - 03/22/14)
28. Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight - Alexandra Fuller (03/18/14 - 03/25/14)
29. The Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger (03/19/14 - 03/21/14)
30. Something Borrowed - Emily Giffin (03/24/14 - 04/01/14)

31. Prepared for a Purpose - Antoinette Tuff (04/01/14 - 04/04/14)
32. The Mother Load - Keeley Bates (04/01/14 - 04/06/14)
33. Play Dirty - Sandra Brown (04/04/14 - 04/15/14)
34. Bag of Bones - Stephen King (04/05/14 - 06/28/14)
35. x0 - Sherrie Cronin (04/07/14 - 04/22/14)
36. Little Bee (Audio) - Chris Cleave (04/22/14 - 05/03/14)
37. Decadence (Audio) - Eric Jerome Dickey (04/21/14 - 05/09/14)

38. The Between - Tananarive Due (05/07/14 - 5/22/14)
39. Tangled - Emma Chase (05/09/14 - 05/14/14)
40. $1 Per Pound Grocery Shopping (Amazon eBook) - Mary Frances Pickett (05/19/14)
41. If I Can't Have You (audio) - Mary B. Morrison (05/14/14 - 05/22/14)
42. Zoo (Audio) - James Patterson (05/23/14 - 06/01/14)
43. Invasion of the Appleheads - A.G. Cascone (05/2014)

44. RLs Dream - Walter Mosley (06/01/14 - 06/12/14)
45. Love in a Nutshell Audio - Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly (06/08/14)
46. The Crimson Brand The Phoenix Girls Book 2 - Brian Knight (06/01/14 -
47. Him Her Him Again The End of Him - Patricia Marx (06/06/14 - 06/10/14)
48. Soul Food Cafe - Aisha Washington (06/10/14)
49. Self-Inflicted Wounds Audio - Aisha Tyler (06/18-14 - 06/22/14)
50. Good In Bed - Jennifer Weiner (06/26/14 - 07/24/14)
51. The Gate House - Nelson DeMille (06/24/14 - 07/04/14)

52. Fearless Fourteen (Audio) - Janet Evanovich (07/04/15 - 07/06/14)
53. Finger Lickin' Fifteen (Audio) - Janet Evanovich (07/06/14 - 07/10/14)
54. Sizzling Sixteen (Audio) - Janet Evanovich - (07/18/14 - 07/25/14)
55. Smokin' Seventeen (Audio) - Janet Evanovich (07/11/14 - 07/18/14)
56. The Witching Game - Annette A.G. Cascone (7/21/14 - 08/11/14)
57. Valhalla Rising - Clive Cussler (07/25/14 - 08/12/14)
58. The Sandcastle Girls Audio - Chris Bohjalian (07/28/14 - 08/12/14)

59. Beauty From Pain - Georgia Cates (08/08/14 - 08/10/14)
60. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty - A.N. Roquelaure (08/01/14 - )
61. My Whispers of Horror - (08/10/14 - )
62. Bait - Karen Robards (08/01/14 - 08/29/14)
63. The Jungle (Audio)- Clive Cussler (08/15/14 - 08/23/14)
64. Full Dark, No Stars (Audio) - Stephen King (08/15/14 - )
65. Red Pizzas for a Blue Count - Geronimo Stilton, #7 (08/26/14)
66. The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox (Audio CD) - Maggie O'Farrell (08/28/14 - 09/06/14)

67. The Nightmarys - Dan Podlocki (09/01/14 - 09/06/14)
68. Morrigan's Cross - Nora Roberts (09/08/14 - 09/24/14)
69. The Jane Austen Book Club Audio - (09/07/14 - 09/25/14)
70. Beauty's Punishment - A.N. Roquelaure (09/10/14 - 10/18/14)
71. Jumped - Rita Williams-Garcia (09/09/14 - 09/26/14)
72. Truth About Bats (The Magic School Bus Chapter Books #1) - Eva Moore (09/18/14)
73. Dance of the Gods - Nora Roberts (09/29/14 - 10/11/14)
74. The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery - Jeff Brown / Sara Pennypacker (09/27/14 - 09/28/14)

75. The Ugly Duchess (Audio) - Eloise James (10/01/15 -10/05/14)
76. Valley of Silence - Nora Roberts (10/15/14 - 10/18/14)
77. Her Sweetest Downfall - Rebecca Hamilton (10/01/14 - 10/18/14)
78. Thea Stilton and the Chocolate Sabotage (10/26/14)

79. Sin No More (Audio)- Kimberla Lawson Roby (11/10/14 -12/05/14)
80. The Reverend's Wife (Audio)- Kimberla Lawson Roby (11/10/14 - 11/15/14)
81. Getting to Happy - Terry McMillan (11/10/14 - 11/26/14)
82. Nightmare House - Douglas Clegg (11/16/14 - 11/25/14)
83. The Best-Kept Secret - Kimberla Lawson Roby (11/24/14 - 11/27/14)

84. The Next Always - Nora Roberts (12/1/14 -
85. A Witch with No Name Audio - Kim Harrison (12/03/14 -
86. Bittersweet Love Audio - Rochelle Alers (12/06/14 - 12/11/14
87. Beauty's Release - A.N. Roquelaure (12/08/14 -
88. Objective Hate - Troi "Star" Torain (12/05/14 -
89. Sweet Deception Audio - Rochelle Alers (12/11/14

Dez 31, 2013, 12:19 pm

Welcome aboard!

Jan 3, 2014, 2:34 pm


Jan 3, 2014, 2:37 pm

Happy New Year liza & good luck with your 2014 reading challenges. I look forward to following you.

Jan 4, 2014, 6:28 am

Welcome to the group, and good luck with the reading challenge!

Jan 4, 2014, 8:51 pm

Yes, welcome. Look forward to seeing what you like to read.

Jan 8, 2014, 9:47 am

And the Mountains Echoed Khaled Hosseini- (01/01/14 - 01/7/14)

As always a very good story. But this one ends on a happier note than the others. Separated as small children, Abdullah (~9) and Pari (~3) grow up in different worlds. Abdullah stays with his father, stepmother and stepbrother in their village, struggling. Pari eventually moves to Paris with her "mother" and has no recollection of her real family.

Life goes on, they marry, have children of their own and we hear their stories. It is really a six degrees of separation thing going on with this book. By the end of the book, the sibling reunite but not how one would like.

Jan 9, 2014, 10:05 am

Irresistible -

Elisse is a woman with a hard past. She ran away with a musician, dumped him for an even worse musician (Neil) and got pregnant. Neil didn't want a family and threatened her. Elisse ran; believed she was not wanted back with her parents so raised her daughter alone for 5 years...struggling but proud. She also swore off men until her daughter turned 18. Enter Walker one of 3 blood heirs to a restaurant empire, ex-Marine, bent on being alone forever.

It takes a few hundred pages for them to get to the good stuff but it was worth the frustrating wait. In the end they find the other is simply irresistible.

Jan 9, 2014, 2:42 pm

>7 lizamichelle1::
Khaled Hosseini is such a brilliant author that I could probably forgive him anything liza. I think I need to read this one when I next use the library.

Jan 15, 2014, 10:53 am

Yes, I've read all three of his books and loved/hated them all. I will continue to read his books in the future.

Jan 15, 2014, 3:03 pm

His The Kite Runner & A Thousand Splendid Suns were both 5 star reads for me so I hope to read this one next month.

Jan 16, 2014, 12:07 pm

The Eye Unseen

What would you do if you knew that somewhere down the line you would give birth to the devils child? What would you do if you did not heed your ancestors as they advised you to kill the devils offspring asap? Well Joan did not.

What if you were that child and didn't know it? Being treated like garbage by your mother and didn't understand/know why? Meet Lucy, the unwanted child of a vicious rape. She spent all her life under her mothers boot with only her older sister showing her love. Her sister was more of a mother than the mother!

Joan is haunted by the rapist, by her devil spawn and having to get rid of Lucy for her "sanity". Joan kicks out her oldest daughter on her 18th birthday to spare her from the scenes to unfold as Joan prepares to kill Lucy.

The ending will surprise you.

Jan 16, 2014, 10:36 pm

Uh, no thanks. But I hope you enjoyed it.

Jan 16, 2014, 10:40 pm

#13> LOL, I must admit I had a similar reaction. :) Really doesn't sound like my cup of tea, but I do hope that you enjoyed it.

Jan 22, 2014, 2:49 pm

I guess too much "detail" in my description lol. It was a LT Advance copy.

Jan 22, 2014, 3:47 pm

Well, I do like a surprise ending . . .

Jan 23, 2014, 10:35 am

Sleepyhead?, NOT! - SittieCates

Very cute story of solving your own problems. Little Mabel could fall asleep as fast as everyone in her family. She took suggestions from everyone in her family and nothing worked. In the end, she found her own solution and finally got to sleep early!

Jan 28, 2014, 4:46 pm

The Other Woman

This book was great. She (for the life of me, either I cant remember her name or she never had one, as I don't recall her being called anything but Freckles by her girlfriend) finds out that her husband is cheating her. She finds this out from the mistresses husband.

Turns out her husband, Charles, had been having an affair with his, David, wife, Jessica. They worked together, how convenient. "Freckles" meets up with David to discuss their adulterating spouses and find themselves in a revenge relationship. And there is more drama I do not want disclose.

The ending will shocked me because of how I thought it was going, and it didn't.

Jan 29, 2014, 9:09 am

KRAMPUS: the Yule Lord - Brom

Story about the "original" Santa Claus with the last chapter devoted to the story of Krampus's origin. Jessy is a down on his luck, wannabe musician with a (ex) wife who has given up on him and a daughter who loves her daddy. Jessy can't seem to get things right, wants to show is ex, Linda, that he can care for his little girl (and still loves her). After witnessing some strange activity, a magical sack becomes available to him. Santa's sack. He finds that he can make that sack work. Then really strange things start to happen.

In comes Krampus to make little Boone County remember who he is, and what he stands for and to denounce the fraudulent Santa Claus. As your read/listen, you learn that Krampus is not the evil devil he was made out to be, just misunderstood. But being a story, Krampus is once again banished.

Jan 31, 2014, 1:05 pm

Max - James Patterson

I was really entertained by this story of 6 bird children on a mission to save their mother/veterinarian from the evil Dr. Chu, who apparently has been poisoning the ocean with his creations. Dr. Chu tries to convince Max (the lead bird child) to join forces with him, which she doesn't. Then her "mother", Dr. Martinez, is kidnapped by Chu. The bird children join a Naval team on a search and rescue mission while trying to solve the mystery of mass ocean life deaths.

Max is also trying to come to terms with her feeling for fellow bird kid, Fang. She thinks she is too tough to have these "girlie" feelings but finds out that they are being reciprocated.

This is the 5th book in the series so there is a lot of back history and battles that I have missed with the children. As you can imagine, they are an endangered creation; everyone wants them for something. So they are always fighting and running for their lives just to find a place where they can be themselves and not oddities.

Fev 21, 2014, 11:07 am

Manhunt - Janet Evanovich

Alex is tired of her life as a top executive. She is too young for all the stress. When presented with an opportunity to change her live 180 degrees, she jumps on it and finds herself and her Rottweiler living in a log cabin in Alaska owning a Bait and Tackle shop.

Her new neighbor, Casey, doesn't much care for her since she broke his nose and doesn't remember, and she is just to intriguing. But being a man, he wants in her pants.

Neither planned on falling for each other. Alex was looking for a dull, stable man to marry and Casey wasn't looking to get married at all. Well, I guess everyone is allowed to changed their minds.

I really enjoyed this book. I don't read a lot of these sappy things because they all have the same outcome, but I enjoyed the journey to the Happily Ever After.

Fev 25, 2014, 4:03 pm

Anything We Love Can Be Saved - Alice Walker

Wasn't my cup of tea. I might have been more interested if I had read more of her books, or really had an interest in the why's and how's of their stories. I will admit that some of the topics were of interest, like the female genital mutilation.

She also seems to be a artistic writer, like I really have to decipher what she is trying to say, like poetry. I'm not a fan of poetry.

Fev 26, 2014, 11:32 am

Is it fiction? or nonfiction? I love Alice Walker's novels but they can be hard to read as far as subject matter goes.

Fev 26, 2014, 4:47 pm

Love Overboard - Janet Evanovich

I love a romance that almost makes you forget you are reading a romance. Stephanie has decided it was time to put away her badge, leave Jersey and start an adult life. She buys the home of a sea captain and plans to open a bed and breakfast. Before she can begin to make money, the place starts to fall apart, repairs she no longer has in her budget.

Using the barter system, she serves as chef on Ivan's sea vessel in exchange for toilet repair from her cousin's fiance. Ivan also happens to have been the previous owner of the home Stephanie purchased.

Then the usual romantic tug of war, with the mystery of a ghost hunt.

Fev 26, 2014, 4:48 pm

> 23. jfetting

It is non-fiction. She discusses trips she has taken, things that inspired some of her writing.

Mar 5, 2014, 4:48 pm

The Wig: Crazy Summer

I LOVED THIS STORY. Even as an adult I can relate to Sofie's story. Leaving all you know to start all over in the home of a grandmother you hardly knew. One who seems strange in comparison to the grandmother you see all the time. Starting over is hard for anyone, but Sofie learned a lot over the summer. Can't to read the next book!

Mar 7, 2014, 9:05 am

The Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King

I listened to the audio. It sounded a lot more interesting when it first started. After the oldest prince was thrown into prison, I lost track of the story and barely got it back. So many characters. I didn't really start no pay more attention until the prince was freed.

Mar 13, 2014, 9:11 am

Flush - Carl Hiaasen - Audio

Story of a young man and his sister helping their father prove that a gambling cruise ship is polluting the ocean with human waste. They are even rescued by a long dead relative.

Mar 13, 2014, 9:27 am

What Looks Like Crazy On An Ordinary Day - Pearl Cleage

Ava finds out she has HIV. Her (sex) life wont be the same but she is refusing to give into despair. She packs up for a summer trip to see her sister in Idlewild, somewhere that her business isn't in the street. Her sister, Joyce, couldn't meet her at the airport so an old family friend, Eddie, picks her up. As they all get closer, Ava finds herself very attracted to Eddie and he to her. Before they decide to express their feelings, they both tell stories of their painful pasts that made them who they are at that moment. That included Ava telling him about her health status. And just like a book, the first man she admits it to doesn't have a problem with it, they make love (with protection) and start a relationship.

In the midst of all this lovey-dovey stuff, Joyce is battling with her the church reverend's wife, Gerry, about a teen girl youth group that Gerry doesn't not agree with. Joyce is trying to educate the young women on sex, abuse, taking charge of their lives. All things Gerry believes are sinful to discuss - just give it to the lord. This is where all the drama of the book lies, between Joyce and Gerry.

Mar 13, 2014, 12:58 pm

Your Wife Will Pay

I can not find this book on Amazon. It was a Advance copy I received through library thing. You can read about the author and his other Kindle books here

This particular short story was about a couple who are a few dollars away from being broke and homeless. The husband has been searching for work for months and finally lands a job at a car wash starting at $8/hr. His first day her meets a young boy selling ONE newspaper. This paper was made especially for this man. He buys if for $2, takes it home.

It's the paper for the next day. The paper has the winning lottery numbers. His wife plays the number...they win. The husband get at least 2 more papers from this young man, then tragedy strikes.

(There may be a part 2 out there, but I cant find part one, so....)

Mar 13, 2014, 1:05 pm

How Organic, Fast Food and Obesity Affects Our Lives - Three Books Collection - Lauren Hill

Excellent book. I will reread this book whenever I feel cooking is a hassle and fast food is the way. When I am too "tired" to work out. Good hand book.

Mar 14, 2014, 4:51 pm

Quartet in Autumn - Barbara Pym

The story of 4 co-workers, up in years, trying to figure out what to do next. Edwin is very dedicated to religion, Norman is... normal, Letty is efficient, Marcia is going a little senile. They all appear miserable in their old age. They don't really have a relationship with each other outside of the office until tragedy strikes on of them.

Not bad, I followed Letty and Marcia's stories a little better than the men. Those two just became one to me lol.

Mar 17, 2014, 12:12 pm

The Saints and Sinners of Okay County - Dayna Dunbar

Aletta is a mother of (eventually) 4 with a husband who can't keep it in his pants, or at home with his wife. The story starts off with Aletta wondering where this wayward husband of hers is and how she can keep up with the bills with him gone. She decides as a last resort to do what she she had been suppressing for your years...use her psychic abilities to bring in some money.

Just as things are getting good, that good for nuthin' husband comes back, removes her sign and makes them a happy family again. Being a good Christian woman, she goes back to being the dutiful wife letting Jimmy be the man of the house.

This just doesn't work out

Mar 22, 2014, 10:29 pm

The Catcher in the Rye

I think it guy is a definitely a pessimist. He hates everything and goes of on tangents when speaking/thinking. Maybe this would be a good book for a psych student. This young man needs help. His sister has more sense than him.

It was a good story but I felt it was a bit long.

Mar 24, 2014, 4:42 pm

Zane's The Sisters of APF: The Indoctrination of Soror Ride Dick

Maryann is your typical country bumpkin who gets the opportunity to go to school in the big city, Washington DC. The first person to befriend her is Patricia. Patricia sees something in her almost immediately that would make her the perfect unwanted candidate to join her sorority.

Maryann is introduced to Olive, the sorority chapter president, and Olive is far from impressed. Do to an unfortunate event on Maryann's part, Olive becomes intrigued and thinks that Patricia was right about Maryann.

You won't believe just how right they were.

Not as "dirty" as I'd hoped but still a quick read.

Mar 25, 2014, 10:55 am

Don't Let's Go To The Dogs Tonight

I did not find this book as interesting as I hoped. The disorganization of events did not sit well with me. All I know for sure is they were poor Anglo-Saxons living in Africa, somewhat racist and lived through many wars.

Abr 2, 2014, 11:46 am

Something Borrowed - Emily Giffin

This book was really good. Rachel and Darcy have been best friends since elementary school. Darcy is the pretty one, and Rachel is the smart one who always takes the backseat to whatever is going on in their lives.

When they were in 6th grade, Rachel had planned to be married by 30. That was the perfect age to start a that phase of life - marriage and children. At her actual 30th birthday party she was unmarried with no prospects. By the end of that night she was up 1 prospect - Darcy's fiance, Dex.

Dex and Darcy were to marry in September. Dex and Rachel's affair lasted over the summer. As a group, they and their crew hung out in the Hamptons. Darcy tried setting Rachel up with Dex's friend, Marcus. There were no sparks but they got along well. At some point Rachel gave Dex an ultimatum on their "relationship", then headed off to to London to visit an old friend.

When she got back home, lots of things had changed.

Can't wait to read the sequel Something Blue.

Abr 4, 2014, 12:19 pm

Prepared For A Purpose - Antoinette Tuff

This woman's story of courage is very moving. Obviously her faith in her god kept her calm under pressure. Or it could also be the phone call she received just before the situation began just putting life into perspective. She spoke calmly to the intruder, she resigned herself to the situation and let rationality take over. Be a calming presence, don't talk too much, listen.

I had to put the book down, though. I got really emotional when all was safe and she was explaining what was happening just past the office door. Brought tears of joy to my eyes, literally. I will finish the last chapter or two alone, at home, just in case I need to let the tears flow.

Bravo to this brave woman. In the face of the intruder and her personal life.

Abr 7, 2014, 4:31 pm

The Mother Load

The story's of Emily, Sophia, Bridgett (I may be missing a sister/sister in law.) Emily is a mother of a preteen boy, is divorce and her dad lives with her in her small apartment. Sophia is Emily's sister. Mother of 2, married to a man who seems to spend too much time "at work". Bridgett is their sister in law(?) who is a pediatrician desperate to become a mother.

The story was okay. They way they related to each other was very entertaining so it was definitely a quick read. But I did find myself confused as to who's story I was on. I found myself constantly thinking back to when I was first introduced to each character to remember who was who.

Abr 15, 2014, 3:05 pm

Play Dirty - Sandra Brown

There was so much going on I don't know where to begin. This is my first Sandra Brown book and I LOVED it!

After 5 years in prison, Griff, an ex-football player just released from prison back into the city where is despised by all football lovers. No job prospects, no friends, no one to welcome him home but his lawyer, and being followed by a detective with a vengeance.

Foster, a wealthy business owner, and his wife and business partner, Laura, are desperate for a child but Foster can't father the child. They need a sperm donor with attributes as close as possible to Foster's.

Detective Rodarte has had it in for Griff since the day Griff was arrested for murder. He couldn't get it to stick 5 years ago so he is trying his best to make it stick now. He believes he has finally found a way to get rid of Griff permanently without getting his hands dirty when Griff's prints are found on the murder weapon that kills Foster.

But why would Griff kill Foster? Why would he leave evidence?


Abr 23, 2014, 4:13 pm

x0 - Sherrin Cronin

Somadina and Lola are two totally different people, on different continents, worlds apart but find themselves linked by telepathic abilities. They hear each other, hears each other emotions but do not know of each other until many years later; Somadina to earn money and Lola because it is kind of driving her crazy.

Somadina has made her little sister, Nwanyi, her priority when their mother died during child birth. She knows that Nwanyi won't get the love and attention she will need from their father. Their mother was his only love. Since she was now dead because of yet another daughter, he is forced to marry again to give him and his father another "heir".

When he finally tires of being tormented by his dead love, he decides to do "right" by the youngest daughter and marry her off, but not to the man that he thought he had.

Somadina eventually fears for her sisters life after not being able to tap into her sisters thoughts as she use to as a child, after Nwanyi's calls home stopped abruptly. Using their newly honed abilities, Lola, along with a group of other telepaths, assist Somadina in her search for her sister Nwayni.

Maio 6, 2014, 1:37 pm

Little Bee – Clive Cleave

To me, this is the story of two very different women trying for make a future together after several great tragedies. Little Bee loses a whole village and witnesses the torture death of her sister. Sarah loses her middle finger and her husband, Andrew. This man is part of the reason these two women (and Sarah’s son, Charlie) are together two years after they met.

Told from both women’s perspectives, you find out their story and why they have decided to save each other.

I enjoyed this story. It would be interesting to see how their lives played out but I don’t think such a story would be a best seller. (Clive, we do not need a sequel lol.)

Maio 9, 2014, 9:42 pm

Decadence - Eric Jerome Dickey

This sequel was okay. The best parts were the "dirty" parts. I think it was very long winded, so much filler to make it more of a novel than a XXX book. My thoughts may be influenced by the fact that I listened to the audio book...twelve long discs.

Maio 10, 2014, 1:59 am

Little Bee does sound interesting.

Maio 15, 2014, 12:15 pm

Tangled - Emma Chase

I liked the format of this book. It can easily be made into a movie, no editing necessary. The writing was in a conversational tone. The character "interacted" with the reader.

Andrew (Drew) is a man who has it all: rich family, company job, money, looks, and all the women he wants. Into Drews "fishing pool" walks Katherine. She is new. He strikes up a conversation and she blocks him. The next day he finds that she is the new hire at his family firm.

Drew now has a dilemma. He wants in her pants but doesn't want her fawning over him afterward in the office. So dollars trump sex, so she is now on his no-lay list. But the two of them are forced together when the company president, Drew's father, has them compete for a potential client. Daggers are thrown, bullets are flying. In the end, they tag team the client who turns out to be a douche. The client propositions Katherine, to which Drew defends her and the firm, losing the client, but getting Katherine's appreciation.

This leads us to the forbidden hookup, then break up, then the "Say Anything" moments, that eventually lead to a happy ending.

I may have to read the sequel.

Maio 19, 2014, 2:14 pm

$1 Per Pound Grocery Shopping (Amazon eBook) - Mary Frances Pickett (05/19/14)

Great ideas when your budget is tight. I will definitely start buying some of those ugly root vegetables. I will attempt to make my own chicken and veggie broths as well.

Maio 22, 2014, 2:20 pm

The Between - Tananarive Due

Hilton is living on stolen time. At nine, he lost his Nana to the ocean when she went out to save him, but he knows he lost her way before then. Now, 30 years later, he is a husband and father of 2. He is having dreams; bad, sleep-depriving dreams. So bad he is not sure if the dreams are reality or his reality are his dreams.

When a man threatens to kill his wife and children, he really loses it. He starts seeing things that aren't there. Appears to have ESP. Once he chooses to accept who/what he is, he finally gets peace.

This book was a slow start for me, but I eventually got into the confusion of his mind/life and enjoyed the journey to his contentment.

Maio 23, 2014, 4:08 pm

If I Can't Have You - Mary B. Morrison

Loretta – Lonely mother of the man she loves, who no longer loves her and is (now) married to someone else. She sleeps a man who turns out to just be crazy. Then bets her best friend,
Madison that she would give her anything she wants if she can change that crazy man.

Madison – A hot mess. Serial fiancé. Engaged to the most eligible bachelor and still sleeps with a man not her husband. One she knows is crazy.

Granville – The crazy man ruining the lives of all the women he meets. He is delusional and believes his member will help him get and keep any woman he has his eyes on.

There is so much drama going on here, you want to slap everyone. There is jealousy, affairs, unexpected pregnancies, life threatening illnesses, greed, lust and just stupidity. Good story and it ends with a bang.

Maio 29, 2014, 11:39 am

Invasion of the Appleheads

I enjoyed this book that I read to my children at bedtime. Just enough creepy for a 6 year old.

Katie and Andy have moved the the township of Appleton. Their parents decide to tour the towns historic sights on Halloween night. As they come to the sight of the burned down orchard, they find that it is not burned down as the brochure said. But it is a alive with activity.

They drive in and encounter strange people, creepy witches, ghouls and zombies. While on a hay ride to tour the grounds, the parents were given cider and the kids apples to enjoy. They should not have partaken of the gifts....

Editado: Jun 2, 2014, 8:47 pm

Zoo - James Patterson

What would happen if the animals went berserk and attacked humans on sight? What if your pet chimp killed your recently ex-girlfriend and left her half eaten/disembodied in your apartment? How about being attacked by rats while walking down the street minding your own business?

In Zoo, the animals attack, as suddenly humans have become the enemy. The advancement in science has finally disturbed animals on a molecular level that we are scrambling to understand.

Good story but not a future I would look forward to.

Jun 9, 2014, 2:21 pm

Love in a Nutshell Audio - Janet Evanovich & Dorian Kelly (06/08/14)

I kind of followed the story but can't remember the character names. This happens when I listen to audio books, on occasion.

The female lead losses her job and goes through a divorce. Now lives in her parents old B&B now owned by the most eligible bachelor in town. The bachelor runs the local brewery and hires the female lead after she quilts and bullies him into it. Plus she needs a job to pay him for her B&B that he now owns. Her job is in two parts: one as a floater and the other as a spy. She has to find out who is trying to ruin his business.

Of course, there is mutual attraction that is eventually shared.

Jun 10, 2014, 8:59 am

Him Her Him Again The End Of Him (Audio)

I didn't find this book very entertaining. I felt lost. She was just rambling. I will finish it in hopes of updating the one-star rating.

Jun 10, 2014, 2:24 pm

Soul Food Cafe - Aisha Washington

This was a short story of Aliyah's wish to get from under her fathers thumb and have a life of her own. Caleb wanted his eldest daughter to take over the family business and marry a pastors son. Aliyah hated cooking and had no interest in dating/marrying this particular man.

At the last minute, she tells her family that she is heading to DC for an internship she applied for and was granted. No one appreciates the last second notice, but her father is steaming and refuses to see her off.

While in DC she learns that politics isn't what she thought it would be and that not all pastor sons are dullards.

Jun 12, 2014, 2:17 pm

RLs Dream

Atwater "Soupspoon" Wise is dying. An old blues man who can't forget the past. He especially can not forget about RL. RL was the blues man Soupspoon started playing with; the man living the life that got cut short.

The story starts with old Atwater fleeing a homeless shelter, in severe pain, and returning to his apartment, just to be tossed out by the landlord the next day. Kiki, rescues him from the stoop and takes him in. She cleans him up, risks her job to get him health insurance, all because he said a few kind words to her years before. She is a savior with demons of her own.

Atwater knows his time on earth is coming a painful end. He decides it is time to put his story in the history books, so to speak. He records this history while telling them to Kiki. He there searches his address book to find any of his old buddies that are still alive and record them as well. He also starts to play his guitar again, manages to get a few gigs and make some change.

He ends up with a very active life after being rescued by Kiki, though it was short lived.

Jun 23, 2014, 1:20 pm

Self-Inflicted Wounds Audio - Aisha Tyler (06/18-14 - 06/22/14)

This lady is hilarious. The things she did as a child I can understand. Cooking with hot oil at age 7. Getting boobs early. Being the tallest girl in almost all her classes. But she does throw out a little wisdom. Go for what you want. Stop being lazy and afraid. If you are not willing to humiliate yourself to get to your dream, you don't want it that bad...forget it.

Jun 30, 2014, 9:31 am

Bag of Bones - Stephen King

Typically large tomb. You get really get into the main character's head. There is a lot of build up, both quick and slow. Gets you to really root for the main character. Mike, a novelist, has just lost his wife and the unborn child he knew nothing of. For the next 4 years he lived like a hermit. He did no work, walked through life day to day. He had a serious case of writers block, so it was a good thing he had some manuscripts stored away for a rainy day, because it has been pouring for 4 years.

Various disturbing dreams forces him to their old summer home, Sara Laughs, some place he hadn't been since her death. All sorts of supernatural activity start to take place. He feels the presence of different entities in the house and around the house, down by the lake. He communicates with them, or they communicate with him, through the use of ABC magnets on the fridge and the ringing of a moose bell.

While in the "TR", what they call the area, he meets 3 year old Kyra and her mother, Mattie. This meeting has now thrust him in the middle of a custody battle between Mattie and her ancient father in law. As they get closer, he and Kyra get even closer. Sharing a psychic bond and understanding. They visit each other in dreams where they meet various people of long ago who are still haunting the TR and Sara Laughs. This eventually leads to fights of survival both in life and the supernatural.

The ending was very realistic in that everyone didn't "walk off into the sunset". I really liked that.

Jul 7, 2014, 9:09 am

The Gate House - Nelson DeMille

John and Susan Sutter became ex'es a decade ago after she had an affair with a mobster then killed him, and John became know as the mob lawyer and kicked out of his practice. John is now back in the States after spending the last 10 years touring the globe and building a life in London. John moves back to Long Island to take care of the estate of an old client/friend who is in hospice. He runs into his ex-wife and they reconcile.

But they are targets of the murdered mobsters son, Anthony. John enlists the help of local law enforcement and the officer who was originally building a case against the murdered mobster before he was murdered. They try to keep tabs on Anthony. In the end they, didn't do there job too well.

This book was REALLY long. And although I didn't not listen/read its predecessor, I got very tired of the references to their back story. I also got tired of John and Susan's conversations. They did a LOT of talking, it was almost like a romance thriller (not sure if that is how it was meant to be).

On a positive note, I loved John Sutter's humor.

Jul 24, 2014, 10:31 am

Good In Bed

Cannie is a plus size woman, who recently requested a break from her boyfriend. Not a BREAK UP but a little time off. Bruce didn't see it that way and decided that he would discuss his relationship with "C" in a magazine, monthly. Cannie can't believe it. She also realizes that she still loves this man.

A few months later, Bruce's dad dies and Cannie comes to the funeral. Tags along with Bruce and his friends, just "being there". They all eventually leave and Cannie stays. Then comes the I'm-sorry-for-your-loss sex. And BAM. Look who turns out to be pregnant.

They are not back together and Bruce has no interest in getting back with her. Cannie eventually writes him a letter to advise him of the pregnancy; it's the right thing to do. Telling him he ball is in his court.

At this point, Cannie's life becomes awesome. She meets a young starlet she was to interview and they become friends. This starlet, Maxi, get Cannie connected with her agent who now wants to make Cannie's screenplay into a movie. Her weight loss doctor has the hots for her, but she doesn't see it. She spends a couple of months in California with Maxi just enjoying life.

Cannie becomes homesick and flies back to PA. Only to be dropped kicked back into reality...Bruce and his girlfriend.....

Ago 12, 2014, 10:20 am

Beauty from Pain - Georgia Cates

Laurelyn and her friend Addison fly off to Sydney Australia for winter. They will be staying with Addison's brother Ben, who apparently has a crush on Laurelyn. She has no interest in Ben in that manner. She is just getting out of a bad relationship and is in no rush to get into another.

Jack MacLachlan is a wealthy bachelor, happy with his freedom. He enjoys short term "relationships" with carefully selected women. Stipulations include not using real names and no personal information. These relationship usually last roughly 4 weeks; this time it will be 3 months. He finds himself in the same bar on the same night that Laurelyn and her friends, and believes he has found his next mate. He falls in lust with her voice while singing on karaoke night.

He pursues her, propositions her, and she eventually agrees. But she is nothing like all the other women he has done this with. She challenges him, keeps him on his toes. They find themselves falling in love with each other but wont admit it to either. Love wasn't part of the deal. Three fantastic months together and they split - no strings attached, no further contact. Somewhere along the way that contract was broken. ...


Ago 12, 2014, 10:30 am

The Witching Game - Annette Cascone

Lindsey Jordan's little sister Alyssa and her friend are obsessed with playing Bloody Mary. While Lindsey and her friend Bree are "watching" Alyssa and her friend, they little girls go into the bathroom with candles and matches to play Bloody Mary. Nothing happens but they get busted by Lindsey, then Lindsey gets busted by their mother.

After a little scolding, Mrs. Jordan presents Lindsey with a new antique mirror for her room. Lindsey thinks it is hideous but her mother loves it and makes her keep it in her room.

The next day Lindsey and 3 of her friends are in her room discussing the mirror and Alyssa comes in. She wants to play Bloody Mary in the mirror. They all eventually agree to see if Alyssa will get from Bloody Mary what she asks for. The next day they got their answer.

Lindsey and her friends thought it was just a coincidence, so decided to test it again. It worked in their favor but at a cost to someone else. Was there really a such thing as Bloody Mary? They sure found out....

Set 29, 2014, 2:00 pm

Jumped - Rita Williams-Garcia

I think every middle/high school student should read this book. It was actually researched using schools I have heard of in the 5 boroughs of NYC. It is the story of a day in the life of 3 students who did not know that there paths would cross in such an unfortunate circumstance. In two words: Girl Fight. How it started, why it started, and how it could have possibly been avoided.

Definitely a book to discuss with your daughter after reading.

Set 29, 2014, 8:35 pm

>61 lizamichelle1:, I'll probably look it up regardless at some point, but will it be appealing to boys as well as girls? I work with a lot of high school students in the summer, mostly boys, and I'm currently working with a couple of boys after school--no girls at the moment though. I'm always looking for good thought provoking reads to challenge them, but I had a couple of boys this summer who'd been given such 'girl-centric' works (as summer reading) that they were really turned off to everything about the books...

Out 15, 2014, 11:04 am

>62 whitewavedarling: whitewavedarling: If the guys are interested in how a girl "thinks", or how these individuals day progressed to the final confrontation it may be a good read. They may be able to relate.

Have they ever witnessed someone make a proclamation of beating someone up who may not know they will be in a fight at the end of the day? If they have, who did they discuss it with, did they think to let the other person know that they would be in a fight later that day, what did they think would happen to them if the got involved in anyway at all?

Has any of them been jumped or found themselves in a fight and had no idea why they were fighting?

Has anyone they knew, know or themselves decide to fight someone just because they couldn't rectify what was really bothering them? You can't beat up a teacher to make them give you a just-passing grade so you go after some "happy" person who seems to have it all together.

The bulk of the story is how these 3 characters go about their school day to get to this fight. I am pretty sure there are young men who have done this same thing in school. They want to fight someone but know if it is on school grounds they would get in trouble or the fight may be cut short.

Dez 26, 2014, 12:37 pm

I know there are still a few days left to 2014 but I will not make my 100. I WILL attempt for 2015.