Seventh Son, Orson Scott Card

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Seventh Son, Orson Scott Card

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Ago 3, 2013, 2:02pm

Okay, so there's controversy surrounding Card and his homophobia. Yes, I am homosexual. Yes, I enjoy his writing. I also enjoy the food at Chick-Fil-A, but that's beyond the point. Do I believe in boycotting a thing to help get your point across? Sure, but let me say that I also believe there is power in knowing you've given your filthy, contaminated time and money to someone who wouldn't have taken it had they known who you are. This isn't the point of this thread, though. I mention all this to point out that I have only the Alvin Maker series in my possession and ONLY because a friend read the audio books, meaning I have all the audio books on tape. I bought them to support her. The copies of the books that I actually read with my own eyes were all gifts from second hand stores, so that money went to the second hand store. There you go. No one come jumping on me for enjoying this stuff. People are allowed to have their opinions. If I'm allowed to think that everyone is equal I need to accept that other people are allowed to think there are things unequal about people. Letting them continue in that thought doesn't make it right or wrong, it makes it the workings of their mind and not mine. End of lecture. Notes will follow.

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Keeping it cool all summer long, cold water spilling right out of the hill and into this place, shaded all the way by trees so old the moon made a point of passing through their branches just to hear some good old tales. p9
I honestly enjoy the way Card writes about things in this time frame… the language of the writing changes a little as the book goes on and characters and their surroundings evolve. There’s a true country feel to the thoughts of these characters who are wandering the wild world of the country, even in the descriptions of what they see.

Her vision was long and clear, but her reach was short. p24
Just a nice expression of what’s happening.

“In the great war against the Unmaker of your vision, all the men and women of the world should be allies. But the great enemy remains invisible, so that no one guesses that they unwittingly serve him. They don’t realize that war is the Unmaker’s ally, because it tears down everything it touches. They don’t understand that fire, murder, crime, cupidity, and concupiscence break apart the fragile bonds that make human beings into nations, cities, families, friends, and souls. p128
I’ll just leave that for people to think on.

Alvin knew all kinds of opposites in the world: good and evil, light and dark, free and slave, love and hate. But deeper than all those opposites was making and unmaking. So deep that hardly anybody noticed that it was the most important opposite of all. p129
That’s a deep thought… followed by this one…
“You don’t have to tell me about the Shining Man,” said Taleswapper. “I never mean to pry.”

“You mean you just pry by accident?” said Alvin.
Which made a very nice contrast, to be honest.

Around page 136 there’s this whole idea about making Americans and I’m not going to type it up because the whole thing needs to be read to be properly experienced. So go pick up the book. ;)

“To my way of thinking,” said Taleswapper, “a duel is just two murderers who agree to take turns trying to kill each other.” p152
I liked this… Not sure how true or untrue it is, since you’re supposed to shoot at the same time, aren’t you? But it’s still a reflection on the madness of it all. Honestly, who thinks that’s “civilized“?

Thrower was embarrassed. “It isn’t fair to chastise me for my thoughts.”

“It is when your thoughts chastise me for my actions.”
True there is more to this and I’ve cut it short and maybe that takes out the point of who Thrower is talking to, HOWEVER just those two lines are true about anything, no matter if it’s two good people talking or two with bad intentions, or one of each. People need to remember stuff like this.

“The curse of a civilized man,” said Taleswapper. “When a man can’t get folks to believe his lies anymore, then he hires him a professional to lie in his place.” p234

I miss reading these books. Of course, I originally only had the books on tape, backs when books on tape /were/ on tape and not just Audio Books. Nana Visitor read all of the series but the last one and for that reason I never got the last of the books. I eventually was given a set of the books themselves as a gift, bought at various second hand stores and whatnot, so I decided I’d better get to reading them again, if not all in this year, then a little at a time. I find it amusing that even when I’m reading the books for myself, I still hear Nana’s voice doing the reading of the audio version. Actually helps me read faster, to be honest. Does that mean I have a slow thinking voice? ‘Cause I know I don’t have a slow typing or talking one. Hm… A new concept.. Different voice speeds.