Dead Beat (potential for spoilers)

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Dead Beat (potential for spoilers)

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Jun 30, 2007, 4:50pm

This is a thread in order to discuss the book Dead Beat as well as the books that came before since the books aren't open ended and each one builds upon the characters & main plot.

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Some notes for Dead Beat:

This book opens with Harry musing on the messiness of his new-found brother, and a summons from evil vampire Mavra who wants the Word of Kemmler and who will release to the authorities incriminating evidence about Murphy if Harry doesn't find the Word for her.

Murphy goes off to Hawaii for a vacation with Kincaid, to Harry's distress. And the spirit of Lasciel becomes a complicating force in Harry's life. Waldo Butters is a major character in this book, and we learn of his plans to compete in a polka contest. Harry is called upon to protect Butters from necromancers who want to use his skills. Nasty necromancers Grevane, Cowl, Kumori, and Corpsetaker make very scary appearances, often with zombies. Harry gets a lot of help from Thomas, and eventually has to call in the Wardens for help. This is the book, I think, where we get to meet Ramirez. And, my favorite bit in the book, the animation of Sue, the tyrannosaurus.

I can't get the touchstone to give the correct book. Sorry!

Jan 20, 2008, 4:47pm

I just finished Dead Beat. Talk about having a devil on your shoulder.