Gone Girl

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Gone Girl

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Mar 18, 2013, 11:45pm

Gone Girl is a taut suspenseful psychological thriller wherein both partners of a marriage are so into mind-*uc* games with the other that I couldn't tell if either of them really knew when the game went South. This book is fascinating.
Nick, the tall handsome husband, in the beginning does and tries to do everything he can to make his more than perfectly beautiful in every way wife, Amy, happy. He is the perfect husband. If he isn't sure about what to do to accomplish her happiness then he asks her. And for her part, Amy, just by being with him is the perfect wife. This seems to work until both of them, writers, are laid off from their jobs in New York City where Amy was raised by wealthy writers of children's books whose stories were based on their precious little Amy.
Nick takes Amy back to his hometown where his mother is dying of cancer, his father is in a home with Altzheimers and his sister still resides. This makes Amy very angry and an angry Amy is not someone to mess around with. So there they are, neither one with jobs and Nick stops trying in the marriage. This makes Amy even more angry. She begins to plot and when Amy plots she doesn't mess around. This woman is brilliant! Before we know it, Amy has gone missing and the clues all point to you guessed it: the husband Nick.
The book is written in a very different format. Our author has taken it chapter by chapter and alternated the telling of the story from the POV of Amy, then Nick, back to Amy, etc. Strangely enough it works.
I lost sleep in the reading of this book. I can't say that it was a great book, though I gave it 3 1/2 stars, but I will say it is a fascinating read and it definitely held my interest. However I did find the ending strangely unsatisfying even though it rang true to the story. I don't think that all will like this book but the ones who do like it will really like it. There is not anything boring about it.

Mar 19, 2013, 9:26pm

Here's my review of Gone Girl, which I read earlier this year.

This is the story of two extremely disturbed people who are married to each other. Things start out fairly normal and the marriage seems to deteriorate at first in a predictable way. Both the husband and the wife take turns narrating the events and you quickly realize you are being manipulated - probably by both of them - and the question becomes who is telling closer to the truth. The basic plot of the missing wife (was she abducted, murdered by the husband, did she run away and set him up?) can be a little Lifetime movie-esque, but the book sure was a page turner. And actually, though I had low expectations, I found the writing kind of interesting and well done. I liked that the author infused a lot of humor into what should be a really dark, thriller-type book. If you're looking for a diversion and don't mind reading about some really psychotic people, you might enjoy this. And, just a warning, the end is just as messed up as the rest of the book!

3.5 stars