(M61'12) Big Stone Gap, Adriana Trigiani

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(M61'12) Big Stone Gap, Adriana Trigiani

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Set 7, 2012, 9:24pm

Got this because of the location... Not sure if I liked it or not, but I'll put more in a little bit.

Set 8, 2012, 2:20am

Okay... So when I started reading this, by the time I was at page 20 I was getting tired of people's descriptions. The main character has read a book on Chinese face reading

On page 35 there's a whole paragraph about the town celebrity, a girl who's the star of the local outdoor theater production, the most popular girl in school... she's pretty, he's athletic, she's capable... Then there's the ugly girl looking up to her and the woman who's narrating is saying that the popular girl deserves everything and the ugly one doesn't and so what. I know that's not really the tone of it.. at least I hope that's not the tone of it, but that's how it came across. And it's best to figure out - and the sooner the better - which side you fall on, because if you don't do it for yourself, the world will. Why wait for the judgement?

Nothing like theater to bring out the claws and pepper in people. Folks want the part they want and that's it. Never mind they're the wrong age, or can't sing, or can't dance. They'd leave notes on my Jeep, call me at home, give me gifts of cakes and jellies - anything to sway me. I can't imagine the competition on Broadway itself could be any more brutal than it is right here. p35-36
Thought this was very true.

I can't contemplate all this right now. After tonight my life as it has been will be changed forever. I am a a lover! In the scrap heaps of these hills of coal, someone found me. I am wanted! I have been waiting all of my life for this. p40
I feel the same way sometimes. Unworthy but deserving at the same time. That feeling of "Finally!"

I can't believe what I'm hearing! Theadore is comparing my aching loins to dehydration. This night is not going at all as I had expected. p43
This made me chuckle. I also know that feeling.

On page 56 there was a reference to Carolina Blue, which surprised me until I remembered this takes place in the mountains of Virginia. Of course they'd call light blue Carolina blue. Any respectable person around these parts does. ;)

I know happiness exists somewhere; and if I knew where, I would go to it and claim it. p165
This whole section, there's a paragraph dealing with being happy or unhappy or whatever. It's a good paragraph, but i'm not typing half a page worth of stuff. :)

Page 187 mentions Biltmore. Just thought I'd put that out there.

"Sarah" - Fleeta pronounces it likeit's a brand name for industrial sludge - "has done been greasin' the board of dye-rectors up one side and down the other." p234
Had to chuckle at this. It also shows how well the accent is written. Though not all characters talk this deeply.

When I was little and playing in the yard, I found a tiny blue egg in the grass. I looked up in the tree; there, out of my reach, was a nest in the branches. I ran for my mother. She carefully placed the egg in my hands and lifted me high off the ground and up into the tree, so that I was eye level with the nest. There were two more tiny blue eggs in the nest. Very gently, I placed the fallen egg at home with the others. This is how I feel in my lover's bed tonight. I feel that I'm save and I am home. p245

Page 248-249 deals with the death of someone. I couldn't help thinking about my father. /To change one word in the sentence from female to male: When /he/ was gone the world seemed unsafe.

That's it... time to send this one back to the library and write up a review... And maybe rest for now.