Is Romney Too Good To Be President?

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Is Romney Too Good To Be President?

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Yes, I think he is definitely too good to be President.

Look what happened the last time the world had such fine individuals in positions of leadership. There was this guy a half century ago, for instance, who hated the thought of hurting dumb animals so much that he was a vegetarian, use to cry every time he saw a movie involving hunting, never resorted to prostitutes or groupies, although his position of absolute power must have had many such throwing themselves at his feet, and surrounded himself mostly with other fine family men with high standards.

His closest and most moral compatriot even decided to take himself, his wife and their children to heaven rather than allowing them to fall into the hands of the godless heathens who were invading their great land.

We just can't afford any more such good men in positions of power and with their finger on the nuclear button. They would probably want us all to attain eternal bliss before G_d's plan has provided.

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Ago 26, 2012, 4:32pm


Well, it is certainly more in line with tradition, wouldn't you say?