Grocery Bag controversy

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Grocery Bag controversy

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Maio 25, 2012, 6:28pm

I don't know how many have been following the grocrey bag story in Los Angeles. Actually Seattle will be doing a very similar thing, charging a fee for paper grocery bags to encourage people to bring in reusable bags, which many do anyway. Dennis Prager and Hugh hewitt were both talking about it yesteerday, partly I suspect, to help promote a new local drive time talent, Heidi Harris on their LA. affiliate. Anyway, I generally disapprove of these little infringements of freedom, also don't trust the environmental claims, and most importantly, in Seattle, don't like to see city governments busying themselves with this stuff when there's an epidemic of shootings in certain neighborhoods as well as a dangerous trend of home invasion robberies. And some streets are so full of potholes you practicalloy get motion sick on them. This stuff actually is a legitimate function of governement. That being said, ithink that Heidi Harris may be exaggerating the health and sanitary hazards of the reusable bags. I've been re-using bags about half the time for about 20 years(not all thetime partly because sometimes I want the bags for clelaning catboxes or whatever) and I don't think I've ever picked up foodborne illnesses from them.