Quotes about turning 50 from literature

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Quotes about turning 50 from literature

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Editado: Abr 8, 2012, 1:52am

These are quotes from literature as opposed to quotes from turning "50" birthday cards. ;-) This topic has probably been broached before but I did not see it after a quick scan. I was re reading part of The Fellowship of the Ring trilogy for some reason by Tolkien and ran across this quote about the age of Frodo the ring bearer:
"So it went on, until his forties were running out, and his fiftieth birthday was drawing near: fifty was a number that he felt was somehow significant {or ominous}; it was at any rate at that age that adventure had suddenly befallen Bilbo. Frodo began to feel restless, and the old paths seemed too well-trodden."

Abr 11, 2012, 2:50pm

Stretching the definition of "literature" here is a quote from Dave Barry Turns 50 " It's great to be 50! right and Herbert Hoover was a rap singer. "

The book was published in 1999 and he did a "Turning 40" book so I guess he is working on a sequel "Made it to 60?". Here is a link to excerpts from his book at Google, pretty funny stuff.