Reagan, Burroughs, and John Carter

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Reagan, Burroughs, and John Carter

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Fev 24, 2012, 1:20pm

"There is also no doubt that Edgar Rice Burroughs himself was a political conservative whose views often influenced or appeared in his work. A memorable speech by the title character of A Princess of Mars, for example, offered a strong rebuke of collectivism in economic and social life...

In other novels, Burroughs was even more explicit in his individualist politics — attacking Communism in his Moon Maid series, lampooning Nazism in his Carson Napier of Venus tales, celebrating the benefits of modern technology in his inner-world stories of Pellucidar, and having Tarzan traverse several continents to battle socialists, fascists, crony capitalists, radical egalitarians, Islamic extremists, and the agents of Joseph Stalin, among many others."

Fev 24, 2012, 1:46pm

When I actually read Tarzan I thought the whole point of the book was to show that if you took an English Gentleman, and raised him by apes, he would still be an English Gentleman. The movies had a very different bent, but the book really does stress the class distinctions.