Two great noir novels

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Two great noir novels

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Maio 21, 2011, 10:42pm

This week, I read THE COLD KISS by John Rector and SETUP ON FRONT STREET by Mike Dennis. These are novels that cut straight to the heart of noir.

THE COLD KISS tells the story of a young couple driving through the Midwest with a sick passenger they picked up in a roadside diner. It begins to snow and pretty soon, the road is impassable. They're forced to pull into a rundown motel, and things take off from there. The atmosphere in this book is to die for, and I was drawn in by the combination of great writing and a great story.

SETUP ON FRONT STREET was a big surprise. It's set in Key West, but without any of the usual Key West nonsense. Gritty and dark, it kept me turning the page with its compelling story. A grifter is released from prison and returns to Key West for his share of the swindle that got him sent up. He soon finds himself in over his head as the cops, the Russian mob, and a powerful local family want him out of the way. I couldn't put this fast-moving tale down.

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