Glorious day to ride

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Glorious day to ride

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Abr 12, 2007, 6:27 am

Just bragging really. It was only the same old commute into work along the city streets, but it was just such fun this morning.

Wonderful cycling weather - very still maybe the hint of a tailwind but hardly anything, clear and sunny, but not too hot with the cool morning air.

Empty roads and green traffic lights as the kids are still all on easter hols. Even other cyclists to talk to as you ride. I really really didn't want to stop and goto work this morning.

Anybody know any authors who really capture they joy of cycling, not the pain or the travails that can beset you in a foreign land, or the grueling struggles of a professional rider but the shear plesaure of riding?

Any works of fiction that feature a cycling protagonist?

Abr 18, 2007, 9:50 am

reading_fox, I wish I knew of a book like you describe. If you find one please send it my way. For now the best description of joy is the one I find within myself and I can't describe. That sounds corny but it's true.

Yesterday I made it up a hill; I call it The Fox Hollow Hill. Nobody could understand it. Let me explain. The last time I made it up that hill was roughly 19 months ago. It is a long steep hill and it comes at the mid-point in my ride so I'm not real fresh. Sixteen months ago I spun up that hill with a cadence of 75 and in a mid-range gear! Yesterday I made it up in the tiniest gear on my bike with a cadence of roughly 30. (You can decode that as way below 30)

That hill is important because a couple weeks after riding up that hill an artery in my neck broke and sent clots to just about every part of my brain, including the largest one in my brain stem.

I started training again in Sept. of 2006 and have tried that hill three other times and had to turn back; once I think before the grade even started to increase.

reading _fox I'm not talking about the victory over illness, I'm still StrokeBoy and always will be, or a great training goal attained. Those are just some things that added to the moment.

I was riding at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. At the top of the hill I could see almost forever to the North, East and South and to the West were green, purple and brown snow capped mountains. The air was crisp at about 50 degrees but the sun was so warm I had to remove my windshell. As I sat there, eating my Cliff Bar Shot Blocks (shameless commercial plug) and experiencing the view, the temperature, silence and feeling like the King of the Hill, a coyote walked within 20 feet of me, letting me know I was more the Court Jester and he is the King of the Hill.

I love riding. The pain and monotony of training are only so I can capture moments like that. There was nothing heroic or strong. I couldn’t even hold back tears. Man, if that could be captured in a book, I’d pay whatever the price.

Abr 19, 2007, 11:26 am

" feeling like the King of the Hill"

That's the one - we all have our personal hills, but some days they are conquered. For a while at least.