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Summary: 376 Series

13th Moon

2069 Trilogy


A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts

Adam [McDonald]

Adam Saint

Adrien English Mysteries

Adventures of Alyx

The Advocate Series

Alaska adventures

Alex Peres mystery series

Alex Reynolds mysteries

Alexander Trilogy (Renault)

Alison Kaine

Alix Nicholson

Allison O'Neil

Amanda Valentine

An American Civil Liberties Union handbook

Angels in America

Anthology of American Lesbian Fiction

Archie & Friends All-Stars

Arden Benbow

Aud Torvingen

Augusten Burroughs autobiographies

Avalon, Chronological Order

Avalon, Published Order

Awakening the Virgin

B-boy Blues

Bachelor Brothers

Ballena Beach


Beebo Brinker Chronicles

Beebo Brinker Chronicles, chronological

Benjamin Justice Mysteries

The Berlin Stories

Best American Erotica

Best American Gay Fiction

Best Bondage Erotica

Best Gay Erotica

Best Gay Love Stories

Best Gay Romance

Best Lesbian Erotica

The Best Little Boy in the World

Best of Best Gay Erotica

Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica

Between Friends

A Bishop Rethinks

A Blind Eye Mystery

Blue McCarron

Blue Skies

The Body, In Theory

Boston Boys Club

The Boy Who

A Boy's Own Story

The Boys in the Band

Bradford Fairfax

Brett Higgins

Brigid Donovan


Caitlin Reece

A Cal Meredith Mystery

Call Me By Your Name


Carol Ashton

Carol Ashton Mystery

Cassandra Reilly

Cassidy James Mysteries

Cat Rising Series

Celaeno Chronological Order

Celaeno Writing/Publication Order

Chanse MacLeod mysteries

Charles Paris

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Utopias

The Chicago Series on Sexuality, History, and Society


Christopher Street Magazine

Chronicles of Tornor

Common Lives/Lesbian Lives

Common Threads in the Life


Conn Stryker Mystery

A Connor Hawthorne Mystery

The Controllers Series


Cordelia Morgan Mysteries

Country Women

Crossing Borders

Current Controversies

Dakota Series [Iversen]

Damron Women's Traveller Guide

Dance Sequence

A Dance to the Music of Time

Dark Passions (Star Trek)

Dark Vista

Darkover: Chronological order

Darkover: Publication order

Darkover: The Ages of Chaos

Darkover: The First Age

Darkover: The Founding

Darkover: The Hundred Kingdoms

Darkover: The Renunciates

Darkover: The Second Age

Daughters of a Coral Dawn Series

Dave Brandstetter Mysteries

Delia Ironfoot

Denise Cleever thriller

The Desert Peach Collection

Desert Sons

Detective Comics TPBs

Dick Hardesty mysteries

A Dick Hardesty Mystery

Donald Strachey Mystery

Dr. Jason Phillips and Ewan P. Gallagher


Dykes to Watch Out For

Early Embraces



Elite Operatives

Eliza Pirex

An Elliott Smith Mystery

Elmwood Springs, Missouri

Emma Victor

Empress of the World

Enchanted Boy

Erika Frohmann

Erotic Interludes

The Faithful Series

False Colors

Faraqui Saga

Fireweed: a Feminist Quarterly

First Love Sisters

Flesh and the Word

Florida Series

Fodor's Gold Guides

Foolish fire

Foster Siblings/Coleman, Florida Series

Fostered Love

Francouer Family

Frat boys

Friction: best gay erotic fiction

Front Runner

Gabriel Angel Loveday and Billy Sharpe

Garner Quinn


Garoul Book

A Gay Diary

Gay Fairy & Folk Tales

Gay Youth Chronicles

Gay Youth Chronicles [chronological order]

Gaywyck Trilogy

Geoffry Chadwick

George Miles cycle

George Smiley

Gerald Samper

Gilbert and Philip

Going for the Gold

Good Vibrations Guides


Hack Bohannon Stories

Hadra Archives

Halton And Sharpe


Hap and Leonard

Happy Onion [Blue]

Harpur and Iles

A Harriet Fordham Croft Mystery

A Harriet Hubbley Mystery

Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies

Haworth Series on Women

He Died with a Felafel in his Hand

Helen Black

Helen Keremos

Henry Rios Mystery

Henry Rios Revised Series


Hers: Brilliant New Fiction by Lesbian Writers

His: Brilliant New Fiction by Gay Writers

The History of Sexuality

Holdfast Chronicles

Homosexual Encounters from First Hand

The Ibis Prophecy

Idol Series

Illusions {Bach}

In the Same Boat

Invisible Life trilogy

The Isis Series

Ivy Morgan Mystery

Jack Charles Larsen and Adam Michael Lewis

A Jane Bond Parody

Jane Lawless

Jarrod Jarvis mysteries

Jeff and Lloyd Trilogy

Jo Jacuzzo Mystery

A John Hope Franklin Center Book

Johnnie Ray Rousseau

Jordan Myles

Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services

Journal of Homosexuality Series

The Joy of Gay Sex