Controversial Books for keme

This page shows the most "controversial" books in this library, as measured by the highest standard deviation of members' star ratings.

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Standard Deviation Avaliação média Your Rating Título
1.155 2.64 The Omega Files [Oxford Bookworms] de Jennifer Bassett
1.029 3.51 The Coldest Place on Earth [Oxford Bookworms] de Tim Vicary
1.026 3.57 Robinson Crusoe de Daniel Defoe
0.969 3.76 The Phantom of the Opera de Gaston Leroux
0.936 3.38 Sherlock Holmes and the Duke's Son [Oxford Bookworms] de Jennifer Bassett
0.935 2.44 Under the Moon [Oxford Bookworms] de Rowena Akinyemi
0.916 3.44 Dead Man's Island [Oxford Bookworms] de John Escott
0.91 3.68 The Monkey's Paw [Oxford Bookworms] de Diane Mowat
0.91 3.35 The Brontë Story [Oxford Bookworms] de Tim Vicary
0.902 3.16 Ned Kelly - a True Story [Oxford Bookworms] de Christine Lindop
0.898 3.18 The Butler Did It and Other Plays [adapted - Oxford Bookworms] de Bill Bowler
0.895 2.68 The Meaning of Gifts [Oxford Bookworms] de Jennifer Bassett
0.894 3.72 A Little Princess (Oxford Bookworms Library) de Jennifer Bassett
0.879 3.82 The Jungle Book de Rudyard Kipling
0.866 3.46 Cambridge English Readers. Parallel. de Colin Campbell
0.857 3.27 Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp [Oxford Bookworms] de Judith Dean
0.85 3.37 Huckleberry Finn [adapted - Oxford Bookworms] de Diane Mowat
0.837 2.92 Don't Stop Now! Level 1 (Cambridge English Readers) de Philip Prowse
0.829 3.95 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [adapted - Oxford Bookworms] de Jennifer Bassett
0.823 3.75 A Stranger at Green Knowe de L. M. Boston
0.819 2.89 Stories from the Five Towns [adapted - Oxford Bookworms] de Nick Bullard
0.818 3.36 The Elephant Man [Oxford Bookworms] de Tim Vicary
0.794 2.94 Tales from Longpuddle [adapted - Oxford Bookworms] de Jennifer Bassett
0.792 2.99 One-Way Ticket [Oxford Bookworms] de Jennifer Bassett
0.783 2.92 A Ghost in Love and Other Plays [Oxford Bookworms] de Michael Dean
0.768 3.05 Mutiny on the Bounty [adapted - Oxford Bookworms] de Tim Vicary
0.762 3.09 The Withered Arm [adapted - Oxford Bookworms] de Jennifer Bassett
0.761 3.05 Ear-rings from Frankfurt [Oxford Bookworms] de Reg Wright
0.753 3.79 Sherlock Holmes Short Stories [adapted - Oxford Bookworms] de Clare West
0.752 3.31 Goodbye, Mr. Hollywood [Oxford Bookworms] de John Escott
0.685 3.65 Pocahontas [Oxford Bookworms] de Tim Vicary