Book Series for jayeff

Series that books in jayeff's library belong to

Summary: 185 Series

Adam Dalgliesh

Airman's Odyssey

The Albany Cycle

Alexander Cleave Trilogy

Alexandria Quartet

The Alligator

Alms for Oblivion - chronological order

Alms for Oblivion - publication order

The American Trilogy

Arno and Learner Families

The Asian Saga

Austrian Trilogy


Banes, Mississippi

The Barsetshire Chronicles

Barton Keyes

Bird Family Trilogy

Bois Sauvage

The Book of Lost Things

Border Trilogy

The Bounty Trilogy

Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Brooke Family

Bruce Mason

The Brunists

Byron Trilogy

Cal Hooper


Les champs d'honneur

Children of Violence

Chronique du XXe siècle

City of Fire Trilogy

Cold Comfort Farm

Cold Comfort Farm: Publication Order

Cole and Hitch

Colonial Trilogy

Constable Charles Horton

Continents of Exile

Copenhagen Quartet

Country Girls trilogy

Crowther and Westerman


A Dance to the Music of Time

The Deptford Trilogy


DK Eyewitness Travel Guides

Dr. Laszlo Kreizler

Dunne Family

The Eastwick Novels

Eilis Lacey

Emily and Henry Maxwell

Emma Graham

Empire of the Sun

Evelyn Gifford

The Face of Britain

Fortune's Rocks Quartet

The Fortunes of Richard Mahony

Francesca Wilson, John McLeish

Frank Bascombe

Freddie Montgomery Trilogy

Frederica Potter Quartet

Frederick Troy

Frederick Troy Chronological

The Frontier Trilogy

Funny Papers

George Miles Cycle

Gerald Samper

Ghost Horse Cycle


The Glittering Prizes

Gothic Saga


The Green Mile

Greene Autobiography

GroVont Trilogy

Hill Family saga


Holt cycle


House of Romanov Trilogy

How Green Was My Valley

The Human Predicament

Inspector Erlendur

Inspector Rebus

Ira Stigman

Jackson Brodie

Kai Lung Series

Kelton's Texas Rangers Series

A Key to All Mythologies

Kirkman Family Cycle

Król Maciuś

Langani Trilogy

Langton Quartet

Lark Rise to Candleford trilogy

The Last Hundred Years Trilogy

Laurie Lee's Autobiographies

Lion on the Hearth

Love and Inheritance

Love Medicine

Lucy Barton

MaddAddam Trilogy

Manawaka cycle

Mapp and Lucia

Mary Sutter


McCaskill Trilogy

McNulty Family

Melendy Quartet

Memories of the Eagle and the Jaguar

Mercy of a Rude Stream


Morningside Heights trilogy

Mountain Man: Smoke Jensen

The Mountain Novels

Mr. Chips

My Story

The New Mexico Trilogy

The New York Trilogy

Night Soldiers

Novelas de Lituma

Odyssey Guides

Old Filth

Olive Kitteridge

The Passenger

Patrick Melrose

The Penhales

Peter Pan

Philip Trent


Porter Osborne Jr.

Poughkeepsie Friends

The Pronek Fantasies

The Quincunx

R. Caldecott's Picture Books

Radlett and Montdore

The Raj Quartet


The Reinhart Series

Remarque's Great War Duology

The Revolutions Trilogy

The Richard Trilogy

Robert Merivel

Romantic Poets and Nephilim

Rough Guide Travel Guides

Rough Guides

Sacred Hunger

A Scots Quair


Shanghai Girls

The Siege {Dunmore}

Simon Ziele Mysteries

Snow Island Trilogy

The Soldier's Return Quartet

The Soldier's Song Trilogy

Southern Mysteries



Swamp Creek Series

Sword of Honour

Talking It Over

Tannhauser Trilogy

Thalia, Texas

This Thing of Darkness

Tove Janssons samlade serier

Tove Janssons samlade serier

Travel Trilogy

Trilogía Sábato



Vittorio Innocente trilogy


Der Wartesaal

Washburn, Ohio

Watson Trilogy

Whistling Season

William Faulkner Manuscripts

The Wimbledon Trilogy

Winter Birds

The Winter People

Wolf Hall Trilogy

Wonderland Quartet

World War One Series

Wyoming Stories

Zuckerman Bound