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Summary: 113 Series

All Creatures Great and Small - UK

All Creatures Great and Small - US

American Gods

Annals of the Former World

Bill Bryson's Complete Notes

Bill Bryson's Travels

The Blazer Lectures

The Boggart

The Book of Dust

Border Trilogy

Boys vs Girls

Brian's Saga


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Checquy Files

Chester Cricket and Friends

Chronicles of Narnia

Chronicles of Narnia, Chronological by story

The Chronicles of Prydain

Civilizations Rise and Fall


Cold Sassy

Confessions of Georgia Nicolson


The Dark is Rising Sequence

David Balfour


Discworld: Rincewind

Don Tillman


The Earthsea Cycle

Ender's Game

Ender's Game: Extended

Ender's Shadow


The Expanse

The Extraordinary Voyages

Fantastic Beasts

The First Formic War

Fleet School

The Giver Quartet

Glass Family

Griffin & Sabine Series

Gun Club trilogy

Hainish Cycle

Hainish Cycle, Chronological

The Handmaid's Tale

Harry Hole

Harry Potter

Harry Potter's Schoolbooks

His Dark Materials

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


Homer Price

The Hunger Games

Hungry Plague

Inheritance Cycle

Jack Ryan, Chronological Order

Jack Ryan, Publication Order

James Bond

James Bond - Extended Series

James Bond - Original Series

Jim Glass

John Matherson



Kingdom Far and Clear

The Kingkiller Chronicle

Koestler's Trilogy

Little House novels, chronological order

Little House: The Laura Years

Lonesome Dove

The Lord of the Rings

MaddAddam Trilogy

Mark Watney

Mars Trilogy


Monkey Wrench Gang

Morning Star Trilogy

My Side of the Mountain

The Oatmeal

Old Kingdom

Olive Kitteridge

Philip Marlowe

Port William Membership

Porter Osborne Jr.

Ready Player One

Redwall: Chronological Order

Redwall: Publication Order

Remembrance of Earth's Past

Roald Dahl's Autobiographies

Rogues of the Sea

The Sally Lockhart Quartet

The Scarlet Pimpernel

The Scarlet Pimpernel, French Publication Order

The Second Formic War

Shan Tao Yun

The Sparrow


Stuff White People Like

Tales of Alvin Maker

Tales to Tickle the Funnybone

Thursday Next

The Time Quintet

To Kill a Mockingbird

Tom Sawyer

Totes les bèsties, petites i grosses

Travel Trilogy

Watership Down

The Wildwood Chronicles

Winesburg, Ohio

Wolves Chronicles (Chronological Order) {Joan Aiken}

Wolves Chronicles (Publication Order) {Joan Aiken}