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Summary: 205 Series

100 ... Things on the Planet

A-Maze-Ing Adventures

Acorn: Healthy Eating

Acorn: Holidays and Festivals

Acorn: Watch It Grow

Aftermath of History

All Aboard Science Reader

Alphabet Fun

Amelia Rules!

America at War

America the Beautiful

Ancient and Medieval People

Beautiful Americans

Big Buddy Books: Buddy Bios

Big Buddy Books: Insects

Big Buddy Books: Planet Earth

The Big Picture

The Big Picture: Climate

The Big Picture: People and Culture

Blazers: Dirt Bike World

Blazers: Shark Zone

Blazers: Strange But True

Blazers: Wild Outdoors


Bloody Jack Adventures

Bloom's Major Dramatists

Bloom's Major Short Story Writers

Bloom's Modern Critical Views

Buddy Books: Going to Work

A Bug's World

Calico Illustrated Classics

Celebrate the States

Celestial Empire

A Certain Slant of Light

Checkerboard Animal Library

Checkerboard Animal Library: Bats

Checkerboard Animal Library: Cats

Checkerboard Animal Library: Dogs

Checkerboard Animal Library: Dolphins

Checkerboard Animal Library: Horses

Checkerboard Animal Library: Whales

The Complicated Life of Claudia Cristina Cortez

Cultures of the World

Dairy Queen Series

DC Super Heroes

Differentiation That Really Works


Dream Big!

Dyamonde Daniel

Edge Books: Dinosaur Wars

Edge Books: Making and Breaking Codes

Edge Books: Paper Airplanes

Edge Books: Passport to World Sports

Edge Books: Scary Stories

Edge Books: Vampires

Edge Books: Voices of War

The Ellie Chronicles

Enchantment of the World Second Series

Encyclopedia of Presidents: Second Series

Endangered! - Benchmark Books

Environment in Focus

Essential Lives

The Extraordinary Voyages

Eyewitness Disaster

Fact Finders: Animals on the Edge

Fact Finders: Disgusting History

Fact Finders: Nasty (But Useful!) Science

Fairy Tale Superstars

Fascinating Food Chains

Felicity Bathburn

Field Trip Mysteries

First Facts: Data Mania

First Facts: Easy Magic Tricks

First Facts: Spiders

First Graphics

First Graphics: My Community

First Graphics: Seasons

First Step Nonfiction: Animal Adaptations

First Step Nonfiction: Discovering Nature's Cycles

Flawed Dogs

Global Connections

Good Neighbors

Graphic Sparks

Hannah Montana

Health Alert

History's Kid Heroes

Humans: An Evolutionary History

The Hunger Games

The Incredible Rockhead

Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny Graphic Novel

InfoSearch: Awesome Forces of Nature

InfoSearch: Linking the Past and Present

InfoSearch: Measure It!

Inside the NFL

Inside the NFL - All Sports

Interactive History Adventure

Invisible Worlds

Ivy & Bean

Jake Maddox Sports Stories

Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education Series

Jungle Books

Kat and Mouse

Katie Woo

Keena Ford


Know Your Numbers


Legend Has It

Lightning Bolt Books: Exploring Physical Science

Lightning Bolt Books: Vroom-Vroom

Little Secrets

Llama Llama


Michael Dahl Presents Super Funny Joke Books

The Midnight Twins

Mighty Mighty Monsters

Missile Mouse

Monster Street

My FIRST Graphic Novel


Noodles the Puppy

Oh. My. Gods.

On the Case with Holmes and Watson

Pebble Books: Horses

Pebble Books: Joke Books

Pebble Books: Nature Basics

Pebble Books: Out in Space

Pebble Plus: Cool Sports Facts

Pebble Plus: Dance, Dance, Dance

Pebble Plus: Earth in Action

Pebble Plus: First Ladies

Pebble Plus: Hands-on Science Fun

Pebble Plus: Natural Wonders

Pebble Plus: Wildcats

Pebble Plus: Working Dogs

Pebble Plus: Zoo Animal Mysteries

Perspectives On

Pilot & Huxley

A plus books: Measure It!

A plus books: Spot-It

Political Systems of the World


Presidents and Their Times


Princess Candy

Princess Protection Program

Profiles in American History

Profiles in Greek and Roman Mythology

The Psammead Trilogy

Publishing Pioneers

Read Me!: Fierce Fighters

Read Me!: Legends of the Sea

Ready to Make Music

Recon Academy


SandCastle: Farm Pets

Scholastic Science Readers

The Seven Continents - Evan Moor

Signature Lives

Signature Lives: Civil War Era series

Signature Lives: Renaissance Era series

Signature Lives: Revolutionary War Era series

Signature Lives: Scientific Revolution series

Six Questions of American History

Snap Books: Green Crafts


Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

Sports Illustrated Kids Victory School Superstars

Sports Illustrated Kids: Play Like the Pros

I Spy {Jean Marzollo/ Scholastic}

Star Wars (Marvel, 1977)

Star Wars [franchise]

Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace

Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones

Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi [1983]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comics

Sterling Biographies

Stone Arch Readers

Super SandCastle: Dog Daze

Super SandCastle: Going Green

Super Simple Cooking

Suzy Lee



Talking Points - Stargazer Books

Team Jake Maddox Sports Stories

Tim Bowler's Blade

Tony Baloney

Uncharted, Unexplored, and Unexplained

Unsolved History

Up Close

USA Today's Debate: Voices and Perspectives

Vampire Plagues



Who Was ...?

A Wicked History

Wizards of Waverly Place