Book Series for Newspaperman

Series that books in Newspaperman's library belong to

Summary: 31 Series

20th Century Journey: A Memoir of a Life and the Times

The American Military Adventure in Iraq

The Associated Press Stylebook

Berlin Diary

Bush at War

Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing

The Civil War: A Narrative

The Coming of the Great War

Conflict of the Ages

Crown Journeys

Great Achievements in American History

Horatio Hornblower

Horatio Hornblower: Chronological Order

Hughes Series In The Presidency And Leadership Studies

In My Own Words

Institutions of American Democracy

James Bond novels

James Bond novels - Original Series

Leatherstocking Tales

Liberation Trilogy

Library of American Biography

The Making of the President

Men of good will

The New American Nation

The Oxford History of the United States


Rebels and Yankees

The Third Reich trilogy

Time-Life: The Third Reich

US Army FM Manuals

Young Oxford History of Women in the United States