Book Series for NelsonAlgren

Series that books in NelsonAlgren's library belong to

Summary: 101 Series


Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln : The War Years

Abruzzo Trilogy

Airman's Odyssey

Alice's Adventures

American Pioneers and Patriots


Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Violent Century

Ballantine's Illustrated History of World War II

Banana Trilogy

Best American

The Best American Short Stories

Billy Liar

Britain in Pictures

Burke Davis Civil War


Chicago Review

Ciclo dei Vinti

Civil War trilogy

The Civil War: A Narrative



The collected essays, journalism, and letters of George Orwell

The Collected Works of W.B. Yeats

The Coming of the Great War

Cycle of the Absurd

Danziger Trilogie

Empire Trilogy

The Epic of the Wheat

Errata Editions: Books on Books

The European Discovery of America

First Trilogy

Flame Trees of Thika

The Flashman Papers

The Forging of a Rebel

Forster's Life of Charles Dickens

Forty Years

Founders of Christianity Trilogy by Sholem Asch

George Smiley

Giants in the Earth

The Gonzo Papers

Good Soldier Svejk

The Great American Artists

Der große Krieg im Osten

Guignol's Band

The Gulag Archipelago

Harry Bogen

Henry IV

A History of India

Jargon Society


John Lloyd Stephens' "Incidents of Travel"

Joseph und seine Brüder

Karla Trilogy

Kristin Lavransdatter

Ladybird Series 401

Lavette Family

Lee's Lieutenants: A Study in Command

Little Big Man series

London Labour and the London Poor

The Lord of the Rings

Main Currents in American Thought

The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II

Melville's Polynesian Novels

Men of good will


The Museum of Modern Art Bulletin

Nature of Man Series

New American Review

New Geographies

The Nile


Novelas de Lituma

O. Henry Prize Stories

Of Time and the River

Oxford Universal English Dictionary on Historical Principles

Paris Journal

Pather Panchali

Pauline Kael Film Writings

Pelle the Conqueror

Poets of the English Language

Profiles in Literature

The Red Wheel

Roads to Freedom

The Sea of Fertility

Simone de Beauvoir, Mémoires

The Snopes Trilogy

Standaard geschiedenis van onze woelige eeuw

Studs Lonigan

Temple Drake

Time-Life: This Fabulous Century

Vance Weston

The Victorian City, Images and Realities

Vintage/Random House Brecht collected plays

Der Wartesaal

Waverley Novels

Waverley Novels, publication

Winter's Tales

Works in Progress