Book Series for Mahnogard

Series that books in Mahnogard's library belong to

Summary: 990 Series

13 to Life

131 Days

52 briljante ideeen

52 Brilliant Ideas

5th Street

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

The Academy: Priscilla Hutchins


Adele Buffington

Admiral John Geary

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Agatha Witchley

Agents Under Fire (Marton)

Akashic Noir

Alaska [S P Davis]

The Alaskans

Alastair Ransom

Albert Samson


Alchemical Journeys

Aleister Crowley Collection

Alex Benedict

The Alexanders

Alice's Adventures

The Aliomenti Saga

Alix Thorssen

Allegra Biscotti

Allie's War

Aloha Brides

Always a Marine

Amazon Original Stories - The Forward Collection

Amoveo Legend


Anchor Island

Andrew Mayhem Chronicles

Andrew Thomas

Angel Trilogy (Weatherly)

Angels Avengers

Angels with Attitudes

The Anomaly Files

Answered Prayers Sextet

The Antarktos Saga

Anthropology of Contemporary Issues

The Anubis Gates

Apocalypse Infection Unleashed

Arc of a Scythe

Arly Hanks

Aronica's Blue

The Artifact Hunters

Ashton Ford

At Home in Beldon Grove

Atlas Obscura

Attic Clowns

Austra Family

Avalon Investigations

Awakening {Holmes}


B.B. Rivers

The Baby Chase


Bad Moon Books Eclipse


Bandit Creek

Banksia Bay

Barbara Marr Mystery

Barkside of the Moon

Barney Thomson



Beach Lawyer

Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab


The Beast House Series

Beast Masters

Beasts of the Desert

Before Starbreaker


Bencher Family

Benjamin January

The Bern Saga

The Best Horror of the Year

Best Little Stories

Best New Horror

Best New Zombie Tales

Betrayed Series

Bewitching Kisses

Big Ideas Simply Explained

Big Sky Mavericks

Bill Hodges Trilogy

Bill Shannon

The Billionaire Series

Billionaire Sex Club

Billionaires and Babies


Bio of a Space Tyrant

Bites: a collection of three-minute horror

Biting Love

Black & Orange

Black Stiletto

Black Winter

Blackboard Books

Blanco County Mystery

Blazing Frontier


Blogger Girl

Blood Like Poison

Blood Wings

Blood, Sweat, and Tea



BLP Novelette Series


Bluegrass Brothers

Bo Bradley

Body Farm

Bones: Apocalypse

Books of Blood

The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek


The Bounty Hunter


A Bride for All Seasons

Brides & Babies

Brides of Arkansas

Brides of Bath

Brides of Texas (Dawson)

Bridge & Sword: Awakenings

A Brief History

Bring Her Wolf

The Broken Earth

The Broken World

Broslin Creek

Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars

Bubba Snoddy



Cades Cove Series

Cal Leandros

Caledonia Fae

A California Pelican Bay Prison Story

The Callahans [G Ryan]

Cambridge Fellows chronology

Cambridge Fellows Mysteries

The Cameo

Cannon Pack

Captain Blood

Captain Nemo

Captain Nemo Trilogy

Captivating Guides to History

Casa Dracula

Cascadia Wolves

The Case for ...

Casey Jones

Castle Mountain Lodge

Cat Star Chronicles

The Cay


CCP #Lima


The Chaos Chronicles

Charity House

Charlie Fox Thriller

Charlie Parker


Chastelayne Trilogy


The Checquy Files

Chester Drum

Les chevaliers de l'ordre du Temple

Children of Man

Children of Time

Chiral Mad Anthology

Christiansen Family

Christmas Street

The Chronicles of Alice

Chronicles of Deadworld

The Chronicles of Nowhere

The Chronos Files

Cinderella Chronicles

The Circle

Circle of Friends Cookbook

Citation Needed

City of Eldrich

The City Saga

Claire Conover

The Claire Switch Project

Clans of Kalquor


Clover Park

Codename: Chandler

Cold Poker Gang

Collector's Library of the Civil War

The Color Series

Colossus Films

Columbia Histories of Modern American Life

Commissario Alec Blume


Company of Rogues

Confessions of a B Movie Actor

Connecticut Brides