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This page shows the most "controversial" books in this library, as measured by the highest standard deviation of members' star ratings.

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Standard Deviation Avaliação média Your Rating Título
1.457 3.14 The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism de Michael J. Behe
1.404 3.56 Darwin's Black Box de Michael J. Behe
1.398 3.26 Elsie Dinsmore de Martha Finley
1.344 3.68 A Place in the Sun de Michael Phillips
1.342 3.9 A General Introduction to the Bible de Norman L. Geisler
1.335 3.5 God's Promises for Your Every Need de A. L. Gill
1.332 3.17 Through the Flames: The Kids Risk Their Lives de Jerry B. Jenkins
1.328 3.23 The Vanishings: Four Kids Face Earth's Last Days Together de Jerry B. Jenkins
1.327 3.54 Refuting Evolution de Jonathan Sarfati
1.326 3.35 Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days de Tim LaHaye
1.325 3.45 Too Long a Stranger de Janette Oke
1.299 3.45 Historical Evidences for the Christian Faith de Josh McDowell
1.298 3.63 Mad Mary: A Bad Girl from Magdala, Transformed at His Appearing de Liz Curtis Higgs
1.284 3.42 Night Light: A Devotional for Couples de James Dobson
1.283 3.56 How to Study the Bible for Yourself de Tim LaHaye
1.279 3.37 The Living Bible de Kenneth Nathaniel Taylor
1.277 3.55 Edge of Eternity de Randy Alcorn
1.275 3.2 The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life de Bruce H. Wilkinson
1.274 3.26 The God Makers de Ed Decker
1.271 3.83 What's So Great about Christianity de Dinesh D'Souza
1.267 2.97 Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds de Phillip E. Johnson
1.265 3.76 Where to Find It in the Bible de Ken Anderson
1.262 4.22 Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence de Sarah Young
1.255 3.5 Facing the Future: Preparing for Battle de Jerry B. Jenkins
1.25 3.46 Julia's Last Hope de Janette Oke
1.249 3.39 Hope de Lori Copeland
1.249 2.91 Approaching Hoofbeats: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse de Billy Graham
1.24 3.9 Hero Tales: A Family Treasury of True Stories from the Lives of Christian Heroes Volume 1 de Dave Jackson
1.233 3.71 The Mystery of the Shemitah: The 3,000-Year-Old Mystery That Holds the Secret of America's Future, the World's Future, and Your Future! de Jonathan Cahn
1.23 3.7 The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America's Future de Jonathan Cahn
1.228 3.46 The New Dare to Discipline de James C. Dobson
1.226 3.38 23 Minutes in Hell de Bill Wiese
1.224 3.79 Summer Promise (The Christy Miller Series #1) de Robin Jones Gunn
1.222 3.66 Peace with God de Billy Graham
1.22 3.34 The Europa Conspiracy de Tim LaHaye
1.219 3.43 Secrets of the Vine: Breaking Through to Abundance de Bruce Wilkinson
1.219 3.1 So What's the Difference? de Fritz Ridenour
1.216 3.49 Glorious Appearing: The End of Days de Tim LaHaye
1.21 2.94 Breaking the Da Vinci Code: Answers to the Questions Everyone's Asking de Darrell L. Bock
1.207 4.09 One Wintry Night de Ruth Bell Graham
1.203 3.34 Second Chance de Jerry B. Jenkins
1.202 3.64 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian [2008 film] de Andrew Adamson
1.201 3.42 I Kissed Dating Goodbye de Joshua Harris
1.197 3.55 The Peacemaker de Lori Copeland
1.196 3.66 Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back de Todd Burpo
1.195 3.34 A Cousin's Prayer de Wanda E. Brunstetter
1.194 3.81 Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament de Joseph Thayer
1.192 3.63 The Ishbane Conspiracy de Randy Alcorn
1.188 3.84 30 Days to Understanding the Bible de Max Anders
1.183 3.45 The God chasers de Tommy Tenney
1.181 3.6 Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul de John Eldredge
1.177 3.58 Jerusalem Vigil de Bodie Thoene
1.175 3.77 Can You Drink the Cup? de Henri J. M. Nouwen
1.174 3.73 The Pilgrim's Progress de John Bunyan
1.17 3.4 A Cousin's Promise de Wanda E. Brunstetter
1.169 3.58 The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven: A Remarkable Account of Miracles, Angels, and Life beyond This World de Kevin Malarkey
1.164 3.86 Grace for the Moment: Inspirational Thoughts for Each Day of the Year de Max Lucado
1.162 3.83 Dead Heat de Joel C. Rosenberg
1.159 3.64 Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul de Jack Canfield
1.158 3.8 Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul de John Eldredge
1.157 3.21 Are We Living in the End Times? de Tim LaHaye
1.156 3.86 The Eleventh Hour de Michael Phillips
1.153 3.62 The Measure of a Heart de Janette Oke
1.152 3.76 Revolution in World Missions de K. P. Yohannan
1.151 3.71 The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands de Laura Schlessinger
1.148 3.42 Drums of Change de Janette Oke
1.148 3.83 Know Your Bible: All 66 Books Explained and Applied (Value Books) de Paul Kent
1.142 3.5 Armageddon: The Cosmic Battle of the Ages de Tim LaHaye
1.142 3.39 Gardenias for Breakfast de Robin Jones Gunn
1.139 3.51 Tribulation Force: the Continuing Drama of Those Left Behind de Tim LaHaye
1.137 4.21 The Holy Bible: New Living Translation de Tyndale
1.136 3.4 Nicolae High: The Young Trib Force Goes Back to School de Jerry B. Jenkins
1.131 3.53 The Edge of Darkness de Tim LaHaye
1.131 3.62 She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall de Misty Bernall
1.131 3.37 Dawn's Prelude de Tracie Peterson
1.13 4.11 Travail and Triumph de Michael Phillips
1.129 4.1 Every Storm (Contemporary Romance) de Lori Wick
1.127 3.93 Experiencing God: How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Will of God de Henry T. Blackaby
1.127 3.88 Green de Ted Dekker
1.126 4.01 Riven de Jerry B. Jenkins
1.125 3.89 A Time to Dance de Karen Kingsbury
1.123 3.36 The 17 essential qualities of a team player de John C. Maxwell
1.122 3.98 Fireproof [2008 film] de Alex Kendrick
1.12 3.74 In His Steps de Charles M. Sheldon
1.12 3.5 Faith de Lori Copeland
1.119 3.24 Stories for the Heart: Over 100 Stories to Encourage Your Soul de Alice Gray
1.119 3.79 The Dream Giver de Bruce Wilkinson
1.118 3.67 Lord Foulgrin's Letters de Randy Alcorn
1.117 3.88 Lady in Waiting: Developing Your Love Relationships de Jackie Kendall
1.116 3.61 Skin de Ted Dekker
1.115 3.69 Fresh Faith: What Happens When Real Faith Ignites God's People de Jim Cymbala
1.114 3.74 The Telling de Beverly Lewis
1.112 3.5 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death and Life {memoir} de Don Piper
1.112 3.65 The Shunning de Beverly Lewis
1.111 3.24 Cracking Da Vinci's Code: You've Read the Fiction, Now Read the Facts de James Garlow
1.108 4.22 Though None Go with Me de Jerry B. Jenkins
1.108 3.46 The Remnant: On the Brink of Armageddon de Tim LaHaye
1.107 4.15 The Princess de Lori Wick
1.106 3.56 The Mark: The Beast Rules the World de Tim LaHaye
1.104 3.73 Courting Trouble de Deeanne Gist
1.103 4.07 Sophie's Heart (Contemporary Romance) de Lori Wick
1.102 3.5 Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist de Tim LaHaye
1.102 3.84 Changes That Heal de Henry Cloud
1.1 3.87 A Child Called "It" de Dave Pelzer
1.098 3.79 Rainbow's End de Irene Hannon
1.098 3.52 Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides de Tim LaHaye
1.097 3.9 Eli de Bill Myers
1.095 3.78 The Bluebird and the Sparrow de Janette Oke
1.094 3.3 Dateable: Are You? Are They? de Justin Lookadoo
1.094 3.95 Roses for Mama de Janette Oke
1.092 3.53 Assassins (Left Behind, Book 6) de Tim LaHaye
1.09 3.35 June (Brides of the West #2) (HeartQuest) de Lori Copeland
1.089 3.53 The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession de Tim LaHaye
1.087 3.67 A Woman Named Damaris de Janette Oke
1.087 3.96 The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears de Mark Batterson
1.087 3.84 The Case for Christ de Lee Strobel
1.086 3.95 The Works of Philo de C. D. Yonge
1.083 3.94 Dictionary of Biblical Imagery de Leland Ryken
1.083 3.87 The Power of a Praying Woman de Stormie Omartian
1.083 3.69 Angel Unaware de Dale Evans Rogers
1.08 3.77 Dinner with a Perfect Stranger de David Gregory
1.077 3.55 Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne de Tim LaHaye
1.076 3.69 Savannah from Savannah de Denise Hildreth
1.076 3.53 Apollyon: The Destroyer is Unleashed de Tim LaHaye
1.075 3.73 Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers To Move Heaven And Earth (Study Guide) de Dutch Sheets
1.072 3.78 The Oath de Frank E. Peretti
1.071 3.6 The Mitford Snowmen de Jan Karon
1.071 4.05 A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 de W. Phillip Keller
1.071 3.19 Where Angels Walk de Joan Wester Anderson
1.07 3.63 Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others de John C. Maxwell
1.068 3.98 Black de Ted Dekker
1.068 3.77 Letter Perfect de Cathy Marie Hake
1.067 4.23 Praying God's Word: Breaking Free From Spiritual Strongholds de Beth Moore
1.065 4.05 Woman, Thou Art Loosed!: Healing the Wounds of the Past de T. D. Jakes
1.064 3.83 The Crossroad de Beverly Lewis
1.063 3.5 A Clearing in the Wild de Jane Kirkpatrick
1.061 3.62 Daily Study Bible: The Acts of the Apostles de William Barclay
1.061 3.59 When Skeptics Ask: A Handbook on Christian Evidences de Norman L. Geisler
1.06 3.77 Courageous Leadership de Bill Hybels
1.058 3.88 The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate (Men's Edition) de Gary D. Chapman
1.054 3.98 The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories de Karyn Henley
1.054 3.48 If Only He Knew de Gary Smalley
1.053 4.02 Interlinear Greek-English New Testament: King James version: With Greek-English Lexicon and New Testament Synonyms de George Ricker Berry
1.053 4.01 Blink of an Eye de Ted Dekker
1.05 3.64 The New Strong-Willed Child de James C. Dobson
1.05 3.89 The Yada Yada Prayer Group de Neta Jackson
1.049 3.77 Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot de Max Lucado
1.049 3.33 Life on the Edge de James C. Dobson
1.048 3.84 The Last Jihad de Joel C. Rosenberg
1.047 3.63 Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life de Charles R. Swindoll
1.046 3.58 Restless Hearts de Marta Perry
1.045 3.73 Soon: The Beginning Of The End de Jerry B. Jenkins
1.045 4.08 Like Dandelion Dust de Karen Kingsbury
1.045 3.45 Fresh Power: Experiencing the Vast Resources of the Spirit of God de Jim Cymbala
1.043 3.9 The Christian Atheist: Believing in God but Living As If He Doesn't Exist de Craig Groeschel
1.043 3.98 River Rising de Athol Dickson
1.043 3.88 A Última Batalha de C. S. Lewis
1.042 3.3 Tyndale New Testament Commentaries: Letter to the Hebrews de Donald Guthrie
1.042 3.8 Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers de Patrick Kavanaugh
1.041 3.87 Julie de Catherine Marshall
1.04 3.87 Crossing Oceans de Gina Holmes
1.04 4.02 The Crown and the Crucible de Michael Phillips
1.039 3.89 His needs, her needs de Willard F.Jr. Harley
1.037 3.82 Co-dependent No More de Melody Beattie
1.036 3.94 Waking the dead : the glory of a heart fully alive de John Eldredge
1.036 3.87 If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat de John Ortberg
1.035 4.2 Pretense de Lori Wick
1.035 4.18 My Utmost for His Highest de Oswald Chambers
1.035 3.67 Pearl de Lauraine Snelling
1.033 3.84 The Tender Years de Janette Oke
1.033 3.5 Jesus, CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership de Laurie Beth Jones
1.032 3.85 The Gates of Zion de Bodie Thoene
1.032 3.67 The Secret on Ararat de Tim LaHaye
1.031 3.58 The Great Divide de T. Davis Bunn
1.031 3.58 Babylon Rising de Tim LaHaye
1.031 3.65 The Secret de Beverly Lewis
1.03 4.22 Mere Christianity / The Screwtape Letters de C. S. Lewis
1.03 3.82 Opal de Lauraine Snelling
1.03 3.2 All of the Women of the Bible de Edith Deen
1.03 4.02 When God Weeps de Joni Eareckson Tada
1.029 4.1 The Imitation of Christ de Thomas à Kempis
1.029 4.42 Life Application Study Bible NIV de Tyndale
1.027 3.46 The Power of a Praying® Husband de Stormie Omartian
1.026 3.91 Like Gold Refined de Janette Oke
1.025 3.99 Tilly de Frank E. Peretti
1.023 3.45 When God Doesn't Make Sense de James Dobson
1.023 3.71 The Confession de Beverly Lewis
1.021 3.87 The Copper Scroll de Joel C. Rosenberg
1.02 4.06 Every Little Thing About You de Lori Wick
1.019 3.45 Breaking the Missional Code: Your Church Can Become a Missionary in Your Community de Ed Stetzer
1.018 3.77 Bad Girls of the Bible and What We Can Learn From Them de Liz Curtis Higgs
1.018 3.48 Yours Forever (The Christy Miller Series #3) de Robin Jones Gunn
1.017 4.04 Boundaries: When to Say Yes, When to Say No, To Take Control of Your Life de Henry Cloud
1.017 3.8 Then Sings My Soul: 150 of the World's Greatest Hymn Stories de Robert J. Morgan
1.015 4.03 Hinds' Feet on High Places de Hannah Hurnard
1.014 3.69 The Reckoning de Beverly Lewis
1.013 3.85 Simple Church: Returning to God's Process for Making Disciples de Thom S. Rainer
1.013 3.97 A Quiet Strength de Janette Oke
1.013 3.61 A Bride for Donnigan de Janette Oke
1.011 3.9 When Heaven Weeps (Martyr's Song, Book 2) de Ted Dekker
1.009 4.09 Divine de Karen Kingsbury
1.003 3.68 The Redemption of Sarah Cain de Beverly Lewis
1.002 3.99 Out of the Saltshaker and into the World: Evangelism As a Way of Life de Rebecca Manley Pippert
1.002 3.75 Bringing Up Boys: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Men de James C. Dobson
1.002 4.18 Worldly Saints: The Puritans As They Really Were de Leland Ryken
1.002 4.11 The Atonement Child de Francine Rivers
1 4.09 In His Image de Paul Brand
0.999 4.04 The Light and the Glory de Peter Marshall
0.998 3.63 The Calling of Emily Evans de Janette Oke
0.994 3.9 The Widow of Larkspur Inn de Lawana Blackwell
0.994 3.64 The Rising: Antichrist Is Born de Tim LaHaye
0.993 3.93 Leota's Garden de Francine Rivers
0.993 4.05 Love Finds a Home de Janette Oke
0.992 3.83 Life-style evangelism : crossing traditional boundaries to reach the unbelieving world de Joseph C. Aldrich
0.991 3.93 Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ de John Piper
0.991 4.07 Hearts of Fire: Eight Women in the Underground Church and Their Stories of Costly Faith de The Voice of the Martyrs
0.99 3.46 Esther's Gift de Jan Karon
0.989 3.95 Same Kind of Different As Me: A Modern-Day Slave, an International Art Dealer, and the Unlikely Woman Who Bound Them Together de Ron Hall
0.988 3.67 Once Upon a Summer de Janette Oke
0.985 4.31 The Passion of the Christ [2004 film] de Mel Gibson
0.985 3.94 At Home in Mitford de Jan Karon
0.984 3.86 The Works of Josephus de Flavius Josephus
0.982 4.05 Dominion de Randy Alcorn
0.981 4.03 The Red Tent de Anita Diamant
0.981 3.86 Love Must Be Tough de James C. Dobson
0.98 4.02 Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Reader de Ralph D. Winter
0.98 4.11 Fireproof: Novelization de Eric Wilson
0.979 3.8 The Postcard de Beverly Lewis
0.979 4.03 The Last Sin Eater de Francine Rivers
0.979 4.07 Love Comes Softly de Janette Oke
0.976 3.97 Love's Enduring Promise de Janette Oke
0.975 4.01 Analytical Concordance to the Holy Bible de Robert Young
0.975 4.07 Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk about God's Deliverance de Beth Moore
0.975 3.94 When God Whispers Your Name de Max Lucado
0.974 4.04 Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream de David Platt
0.973 3.79 The Book of Hours de T. Davis Bunn
0.973 4.03 Don't Waste Your Life de John Piper
0.973 3.92 When Calls the Heart de Janette Oke
0.972 4.04 Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God de Francis Chan
0.971 4.26 Breaking Free: Making Liberty in Christ a Reality in Life de Beth Moore
0.971 3.5 Conspiracy of Kindness: A Refreshing New Approach to Sharing the Love of Jesus With Others de Steve Sjogren
0.97 4.06 A Tale of three Kings: A Study in Brokenness de Gene Edwards
0.97 3.9 A Common Life de Jan Karon
0.97 4.21 The Knight and the Dove de Lori Wick
0.969 4.07 When Crickets Cry de Charles Martin
0.969 4.29 End of the Spear de Steve Saint
0.969 3.72 Cape Refuge (Cape Refuge, No. 1) de Terri Blackstock
0.969 3.88 Deliver Us From Evil de Ravi Zacharias
0.967 3.8 Silenced: The Wrath of God Descends de Jerry B. Jenkins
0.967 4.39 The Daily Bible: New International Version: With Devotional Insights to Guide You Through God's Word de F. LaGard Smith
0.967 3.95 It's Not About Me: Rescue From the Life We Thought Would Make Us Happy de Max Lucado
0.966 4.05 Deadline de Randy Alcorn
0.964 3.95 The Five Love Languages de Gary D. Chapman
0.964 3.9 The Life You've Always Wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People (Expanded and Adapted for Small Groups) de John Ortberg
0.963 4.05 Who Brings Forth the Wind de Lori Wick
0.962 4.09 Love's Unfolding Dream de Janette Oke
0.962 3.77 Adam de Ted Dekker
0.962 3.79 Winds of Autumn de Janette Oke
0.961 3.95 Tramp for the Lord de Corrie Ten Boom
0.961 4.02 Last Light de Terri Blackstock
0.96 3.73 The History of the Church: From Christ to Constantine de Eusebius
0.959 3.73 Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours de Kevin Leman
0.958 3.94 Epic: The Story God is Telling and the Role That is Yours to Play de John Eldredge
0.957 3.86 O Cavalo e seu Menino de C. S. Lewis
0.957 4.31 A Woman After God's Own Heart de Elizabeth George
0.957 3.85 Southern Storm (Cape Refuge, No. 2) de Terri Blackstock
0.957 3.78 How We Got the Bible de Neil R. Lightfoot
0.956 3.93 Surpreendido pela Alegria de C. S. Lewis
0.956 3.73 The Last Days de Joel C. Rosenberg
0.956 3.94 Church History In Plain Language de Bruce L. Shelley
0.955 4.07 The Sacrifice de Beverly Lewis
0.955 4.06 A Place Called Home de Lori Wick
0.955 4.21 Chasing Fireflies: A Novel of Discovery de Charles Martin
0.954 4.08 He Chose The Nails: What God did to Win Your Heart de Max Lucado
0.954 4.46 The Holy Bible: New American Standard Bible (NASB) de The Lockman Foundation
0.953 4.27 Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry de Katrina Kenison
0.953 3.62 What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women de James C. Dobson
0.951 4.16 A Time to Embrace de Karen Kingsbury
0.95 3.81 Developing the leaders around you de John C. Maxwell
0.95 4.19 Night Light de Terri Blackstock
0.95 3.83 The Englisher de Beverly Lewis
0.949 4.09 The Dead Don't Dance de Charles Martin
0.949 3.15 The Shoe Box de Francine Rivers
0.949 4.03 The Passion of Jesus Christ: Fifty Reasons Why He Came to Die de John Piper
0.949 3.73 Have a New Kid by Friday: How to Change Your Child's Attitude, Behavior & Character in 5 Days de Dr. Kevin Leman
0.948 3.85 No Wonder They Call Him the Savior de Max Lucado
0.946 4.12 Heirs of the Motherland de Judith Pella
0.944 4.09 Love's Long Journey de Janette Oke
0.944 3.79 A Thousand Shall Fall de Bodie Thoene
0.943 4.06 The Hawk and the Jewel de Lori Wick
0.941 4.1 The Day Christ Died de Jim Bishop
0.94 4.14 A House Divided de Michael Phillips
0.94 3.64 Family First: Your Step-by-Step Plan for Creating a Phenomenal Family de Dr. Phil McGraw
0.94 4.24 The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible de James Strong
0.939 4.12 The Screwtape Letters / Screwtape Proposes a Toast de C. S. Lewis
0.939 4.12 The Love Dare de Stephen Kendrick
0.939 4.08 Love's Unending Legacy de Janette Oke
0.939 4.27 One Tuesday Morning de Karen Kingsbury
0.938 3.92 O Sobrinho do Mago de C. S. Lewis
0.938 4.12 The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in Love with the God Jesus Knows de James Bryan Smith
0.937 3.84 When Hope Springs New de Janette Oke
0.937 4 Shepherds Abiding de Jan Karon
0.936 4.04 A Searching Heart de Janette Oke
0.936 4.06 The Betrayal de Beverly Lewis
0.935 3.6 Under God de Toby Mac
0.935 4.09 Cartas de Um Diabo a seu Aprendiz de C. S. Lewis
0.935 4.09 Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul de Jack Canfield
0.935 4.41 Redeeming Love de Francine Rivers
0.934 3.9 The Dowry of Miss Lydia Clark de Lawana Blackwell
0.933 4.28 Heaven de Randy Alcorn
0.932 3.91 Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage de Kevin Leman
0.932 4.09 Prague Counterpoint de Bodie Thoene
0.931 3.94 Next Door Savior: Near Enough to Touch, Strong Enough to Trust de Max Lucado
0.931 4.17 True Light de Terri Blackstock
0.931 3.88 God Came Near: Chronicles of the Christ de Max Lucado
0.929 3.99 Born Again de Charles W. Colson
0.928 3.65 They Called Her Mrs. Doc de Janette Oke
0.928 3.7 Another Homecoming de Janette Oke
0.928 4.1 O Leão, a Feiticeira e o Guarda-roupa de C. S. Lewis
0.927 4.12 Even Now de Karen Kingsbury
0.927 3.79 Desire of the Everlasting Hills de Thomas Cahill
0.926 3.66 A Name of Her Own (Tender Ties Historical Series #1) de Jane Kirkpatrick
0.925 3.85 The Applause of Heaven de Max Lucado
0.925 4.11 Christmas in Sugarcreek de Shelley Shepard Gray
0.924 4.06 Love's Abiding Joy de Janette Oke
0.922 4.14 Ever After de Karen Kingsbury
0.922 3.88 A Cadeira da Prata de C. S. Lewis
0.922 3.89 A Promise to Believe In de Tracie Peterson
0.921 4.27 The Power of a Praying Wife de Stormie Omartian
0.921 3.68 Obsessed de Ted Dekker
0.92 4.13 Jerusalem Interlude de Bodie Thoene
0.92 4.14 The Rescue (The English Garden Series #2) de Lori Wick
0.92 4.13 Dawn's Light de Terri Blackstock
0.918 4.11 Light from Heaven de Jan Karon
0.917 3.81 Spring's Gentle Promise de Janette Oke
0.916 3.94 Summerhill Secrets, Volume 1: Whispers Down the Lane/Secret in the Willows/Catch a Falling Star/Night of the Fireflies/A Cry in the Dark (Summerhill Secrets 1-5) de Beverly Lewis
0.916 4.13 Danger in the Shadows de Dee Henderson
0.914 4.09 Love Takes Wing de Janette Oke
0.913 3.8 The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter de Lawana Blackwell
0.913 3.95 Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire de Jim Cymbala
0.913 4.24 Shepherding a Child's Heart de Tedd Tripp
0.913 3.9 Lydia's Charm: An Amish Widow Starts Over in Charm, Ohio de Wanda E. Brunstetter
0.913 3.38 Return to Harmony de Janette Oke
0.913 4.02 Abba's Child: The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging de Brennan Manning
0.913 4.19 The Revelation de Beverly Lewis
0.913 3.93 The Maiden's Bequest de George MacDonald
0.912 3.72 When Comes the Spring de Janette Oke
0.911 3.86 The Preacher's Daughter de Beverly Lewis
0.911 3.91 Surprised by the Power of the Spirit de Jack Deere
0.911 4.26 Cristianismo Puro e Simples de C. S. Lewis
0.911 3.79 Ruby de Lauraine Snelling
0.911 3.5 Likely to Die de Linda Fairstein
0.911 3.94 O Problema da Dor de C. S. Lewis
0.91 4.1 Rilla of Ingleside de L. M. Montgomery
0.91 3.87 O Príncipe Caspian de C. S. Lewis
0.909 4.07 True Devotion de Dee Henderson
0.909 4.3 Teaching to Change Lives: Seven Proven Ways to Make Your Teaching Come Alive de Howard Hendricks
0.909 3.8 When Breaks the Dawn de Janette Oke
0.909 3.95 Saint de Ted Dekker
0.908 3.99 A Light in the Window de Jan Karon
0.907 3.66 Further Chronicles of Avonlea de L. M. Montgomery
0.906 3.89 The Covenant de Beverly Lewis
0.906 4.03 O Peregrino da Alvorada de C. S. Lewis
0.906 4.28 Stepping Heavenward de Elizabeth Prentiss
0.905 4.05 True Valor de Dee Henderson
0.905 4.18 The Ragamuffin Gospel de Brennan Manning
0.905 3.85 Rainbow Valley de L. M. Montgomery
0.904 4.38 The Ten Commandments de Thomas Watson
0.902 3.73 The Faithful Spy de Alex Berenson
0.902 3.87 What the Bible Is All About de Henrietta C. Mears
0.902 3.94 Milagres de C. S. Lewis
0.901 4.12 In The Grip Of Grace de Max Lucado
0.901 3.92 Home to Holly Springs de Jan Karon
0.9 4.17 Believing God de Beth Moore
0.9 4.16 Through Gates of Splendor de Elisabeth Elliot
0.899 3.64 The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary de Mark Sanborn
0.899 4.24 The Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy: Three Essential Books in One Volume de Francis A. Schaeffer
0.899 4.24 Wings of the Morning de Lori Wick
0.898 4.03 The Last Bride de Beverly Lewis
0.898 3.5 Is that really you, God? de Loren Cunningham
0.898 4.3 The Pursuit of God de A. W. Tozer
0.897 4.06 The Ezekiel Option de Joel C. Rosenberg
0.896 4.15 God's Smuggler de Brother Andrew
0.895 4.17 Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth de Richard J. Foster
0.894 3.71 Living on the Ragged Edge de Charles R. Swindoll
0.894 3.81 And the Angels Were Silent de Max Lucado
0.891 3.89 The Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer to the Heart of God de Brent Curtis
0.889 3.61 Blood of Heaven de Bill Myers
0.888 4.11 Little House on the Prairie de Laura Ingalls Wilder
0.888 3.74 Lost in Rooville: A Novel de Ray Blackston
0.886 4.17 Operation World de Patrick Johnstone
0.886 4.03 Out to Canaan de Jan Karon
0.884 3.66 As Cinco Linguagens do Amor para Solteiros de Gary Chapman
0.884 3.82 The Story of the Trapp Family Singers de Maria Augusta Trapp
0.884 3.75 Don't Know Much About the Bible: Everything You Need to Know About the Good Book but Never Learned de Kenneth C. Davis
0.883 4.03 A Daughter of Zion de Bodie Thoene
0.883 4.1 Moses Great Lives Series: Volume 4 de Charles R. Swindoll
0.883 4.14 What's So Amazing About Grace? de Philip Yancey
0.883 4.04 The Wounded Healer: Ministry in Contemporary Society de Henri J. M. Nouwen
0.883 3.69 Halley's Bible Handbook de Henry H. Halley
0.881 3.76 Saving Your Marriage before It Starts: Seven Questions to Ask before (and after) You Marry de Les Parrott
0.881 4.13 The Greatest Story Ever Told de Fulton Oursler
0.881 3.85 Mountains of Spices de Hannah Hurnard
0.88 3.78 One Day My Soul Just Opened Up: 40 Days and 40 Nights Toward Spiritual Strength and Personal Growth de Iyanla Vanzant
0.88 4.21 The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism de Timothy Keller
0.879 3.99 Anne's House of Dreams de L. M. Montgomery
0.879 3.21 Hurricanes in Paradise de Denise Hildreth
0.878 3.52 Preparing for Adolescence de James C. Dobson
0.878 4.09 Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense de N. T. Wright
0.877 3.91 Anne of Windy Poplars de L. M. Montgomery
0.877 4.26 The Power of a Praying Parent de Stormie Omartian
0.875 4.13 Little House in the Big Woods de Laura Ingalls Wilder
0.875 3.9 Jack's Life: The Life Story of C. S. Lewis de Douglas H. Gresham
0.875 4.19 The Story - The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People de Max Lucado
0.874 3.88 The Witness de Dee Henderson
0.873 4.23 Wisdom Hunter de Randall Arthur
0.872 4.17 The Best Christmas Pageant Ever de Barbara Robinson
0.871 3.67 To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story de Mary C. Neal
0.871 4.16 Deception de Randy Alcorn
0.871 3.48 How to Give Away Your Faith de Paul E. Little
0.87 4.16 Christy de Catherine Marshall
0.87 3.89 Anne of Ingleside de L. M. Montgomery
0.87 3.84 The Brethren de Beverly Lewis
0.87 4.12 The Twilight of Courage: A Novel de Bodie Thoene
0.869 3.96 Jane of Lantern Hill de L. M. Montgomery
0.869 4.35 Oh, the Places You'll Go! de Dr. Seuss
0.868 4.22 The Hidden Smile of God de John Piper
0.867 4.22 Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community de Dietrich Bonhoeffer
0.866 4.22 O Grande Divórcio de C. S. Lewis
0.866 4.21 Warsaw Requiem de Bodie Thoene
0.865 4.13 The Key to Zion de Bodie Thoene
0.865 3.84 Breaker's Reef (Cape Refuge, No. 4) de Terri Blackstock
0.863 4.3 As Sure as the Dawn de Francine Rivers
0.863 4.02 The Jesus I Never Knew de Philip Yancey
0.862 4.01 A Song for Silas (A Place Called Home Series #2) de Lori Wick
0.861 4.34 Beyond Tuesday Morning de Karen Kingsbury
0.86 4.14 The Keeper de Suzanne Woods Fisher
0.859 3.46 Learn New Testament Greek de John H. Dobson
0.858 4.21 White de Ted Dekker
0.858 4.22 Red de Ted Dekker
0.858 3.66 Winter is Not Forever de Janette Oke
0.857 4.07 In This Mountain de Jan Karon
0.857 3.83 The Missing de Beverly Lewis
0.856 4.14 The Rescuer de Dee Henderson
0.856 4.13 Whispers of Moonlight de Lori Wick
0.856 3.89 Erasing Hell: What God said about eternity, and the things we made up de Francis Chan
0.854 4.2 Vienna Prelude de Bodie Thoene
0.852 4.12 True Honor de Dee Henderson
0.852 3.55 The Missing Gospels: Unearthing the Truth Behind Alternative Christianities de Darrell L. Bock
0.852 4.21 Every Now and Then de Karen Kingsbury
0.851 4.14 The Protector de Dee Henderson
0.851 3.5 Never Again Good-Bye (Second Chances Series #1) de Terri Blackstock
0.851 4.05 Rich Mullins: An Arrow Pointing to Heaven de James Bryan Smith
0.85 3.9 In My Father's House de Bodie Thoene
0.849 4.25 Hell's Best Kept Secret de Ray Comfort
0.849 4.08 A New Song de Jan Karon
0.849 4.07 These High, Green Hills de Jan Karon
0.848 3.89 A Gentle Thunder de Max Lucado
0.848 4.12 Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret de Howard Taylor
0.847 3.75 Secrets (The Michelli Family Series #1) de Kristen Heitzmann
0.847 4.18 Second Touch de Bodie Thoene
0.847 3.63 Encountering the New Testament: A Historical and Theological Survey de Walter A. Elwell
0.846 4.28 In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership de Henri J. M. Nouwen
0.846 3.84 Jimmy de Robert Whitlow
0.845 4.08 Just As I Am de Billy Graham
0.845 4.32 Anne of Green Gables de L. M. Montgomery
0.845 4.5 Loving God with All Your Mind de Elizabeth George
0.845 4 The Holy Spirit de Billy Graham
0.844 4.45 A Voice in the Wind de Francine Rivers
0.843 3.99 Shiloh Autumn de Bodie Thoene
0.842 4.19 Tortured for Christ de Richard Wurmbrand
0.842 4.18 A Anatomia de um Luto de C. S. Lewis
0.842 4.11 Anne of Avonlea de L. M. Montgomery
0.84 3.84 A Love Worth Giving: Living in the Overflow of God's Love de Max Lucado
0.839 4.38 Safely Home de Randy Alcorn
0.839 4.24 The Fiddler de Beverly Lewis
0.838 4.4 Little Pilgrim's Progress: From John Bunyan's Classic de Helen Taylor
0.838 3.73 Chronicles of Avonlea de L. M. Montgomery
0.836 3.59 Broken Angel de Sigmund Brouwer
0.835 4.41 Streams in the Desert de L. B. Cowman
0.834 4.15 Emily of New Moon de L. M. Montgomery
0.834 4.19 A Gathering of Memories de Lori Wick
0.834 3.92 Say to This Mountain de Bodie Thoene
0.83 4.01 Six Hours One Friday: Anchoring to the Power of the Cross de Max Lucado
0.83 4.28 Night de Elie Wiesel
0.829 3.98 Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World: Finding Intimacy With God in the Busyness of Life de Joanna Weaver
0.829 4.12 Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope de Mary Beth Chapman
0.829 3.98 Shadowed: The Final Judgment de Jerry B. Jenkins
0.828 4.35 The River de Beverly Lewis
0.827 4.13 Munich Signature de Bodie Thoene
0.826 4.19 The Healer de Dee Henderson
0.826 4.15 The Long Road Home de Lori Wick
0.825 4.15 Anne of the Island de L. M. Montgomery
0.824 3.69 The Midnight House de Alex Berenson
0.822 4.21 Joseph: A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness de Charles R. Swindoll
0.822 4.16 The Prodigal de Beverly Lewis
0.822 4.24 Quest for Love: True Stories of Passion and Purity de Elisabeth Elliot
0.822 4.31 The New Oxford Annotated Bible, New Revised Standard Version with the Apocrypha de Michael D. Coogan
0.821 4.3 Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Mega-Beasts de Robert Sabuda
0.82 4.36 Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Workbook de Dave Ramsey