Book Series for Debbiemalone

Series that books in Debbiemalone's library belong to

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Summary: 313 Series

Aaron Falk

Adler and Dwyer

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

After Cilmeri

Alaskan Romance

Alex Delaware

Alex Harris Mystery

Amos Decker

Amy Winter

Anna Gwynne

Anna Pigeon

Anthony Paterno

Arla Baker

Armstrong House

Arnold Morgan


The Australian Trilogy

Avery Black

Bad Games


Beautiful Entourage

The Belchester Chronicles

Bigler County

Blanco County Mystery

Bloody Jack Adventures

Bocephus Haynes

Books of Beginning


Bregdan Chronicles


Broussard & Fourcade

Bull Mountain

Burying Water Series

Cab Bolton

Camino Island

Canaan Crime Series

Captain Lacey

Caribbean Adventure Series/Jesse McDermitt

Casey Duncan

Cassie Dewell

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache

Chloe Fine

Chrissy Livingstone

Chronicles of The One

Clifton Chronicles

Code Name Verity

Cody Hoyt

Coleman Family Saga

The Collector [Hutchison]

Cork O'Connor

Cormac Reilly

The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy

The Craftsman

Criminal Profiler

Crimson Lake

Cypriere Bayou

D.D. Warren

Dakota Series [Macomber]

Dangerous Odds Romantic Mystery

Dangerous Women

Dark Lure

Davenport House

David Raker

David Wolf

DCI Ryan

DCI Tom Douglas

Dead Remaining

Deanna Madden

Death on Demand

The Debt Collector

Destiny Bay

Detective Jess Bishop

Detectives Seagate and Miner Mystery

The Deverill Chronicles

Devil's Deep

Devlin and Falco

DI Barton

DI Callanach

DI Gus McGuire

DI Gus mcGuire

Dive Bar

A Dog's Purpose


Doug Bateman Mystery

Dr Hannah Nightingale

Dr. Greta Helsing

Dr. Jane McGill

DS Nathan Cody

Dublin Trilogy [McDonnell]

The Evil Trilogy


FBI Profilers

The Fifth Wave

Firefly Lane


The Flynn Brothers Trilogy

Food Blogger Mystery

Frank Harper

Frost Easton

Garrison Gage Mystery

Geneva Chase Mysteries

Ghost-in-Law Mystery Romance

Gibson Vaughn

Gilded Hour

Gin Palace Trilogy

Glacier Park Mysteries

The Good Daughter

The Good Lawyer

Goodnight Mysteries

Gothic Collection

Gwendy Peterson

The Handfasting

The Handmaid's Tale

The Hands of Time

Harbinger [Wheeler]

Harper McClain

Hashtag Series

Haven Point

Hawkins Family

Hell Divers

Henrietta and Inspector Howard

Henry II / Eleanor of Aquitaine

Her Royal Spyness

Hester Thursby

Highlands' Lairds

Holland Family Saga

Home Survival Series

Hungry Plague

Husband and Horses Series

Ian Bradshaw

In Death

In Paradise

In the Land of the Long White Cloud

Inland Empire

Inspector Ian Rutledge

The Island

Jack Gannon series

Jackman & Evans

Jackson Brodie

A Jake Crosby Thriller

Jason Wade

Jessie Hunt

Jim Clemo

Joanna Brady

Joe Pickett

Joe Talbert

John Matherson

John Puller

Joseph O'Loughlin

Kate Marshall

Kate Shugak

Kate Waters

Kendra Donovan

The Kent Family Chronicles

Kingsbridge {Chronological Order}

Kingsbridge {Publication Order}

Al Krug and Casey Kellogg

Kurt Hunter

Kurt Wallander

Ladies of Lantern Street

Lady of Ashes

Lairds' Brides

Laramie Series

Laura Chambers

The Law of Moses

Leah Hudson

Liam Taggart and Catherine Lockhart

London Below

Lord and Lady Hetheridge

Lord John

Lost Mine

The Louisiana History Collection

Love Letters series

Lowcountry Tales

The Lowland Romances

Lucy Guardino

Lucy Guardino FBI Thrillers

Lucy Harwin

Mac Travis Adventures

The MacBrides

Matt Ballard

Matthew Corbetts World

Max Mingus

Max Rupert

The Maze Runner

McNulty Family

Me Before You

The Mechanic Trilogy

Mental Madness


Michael McDowell's Blackwater

Mike Daley

Mitchell & Associates

Molly Miranda

Montana "To Die" Series

Montana Men {Vale}

Morna's Legacy

Mountain Women

Mrs Westaway

Murder in Alaska