Book Series for Caralen

Series that books in Caralen's library belong to

Summary: 2,275 Series


10 Dance {Inoue}

The 39 Clues

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank

4001 A.D. [2016]

4001 AD

5 Worlds

5-Minute Therapy

7 Generations

7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy! (Manga)


A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong


A-Force (2015)

A-Force [2016]

A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts

Aaron Falk

The Abandoned Empress

Abbeville Modern Masters


About Animals

About... A Guide For Children

Absolute Carnage

Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter [Manga]

The Accursed Vampire

Adachi and Shimamura [Manga]

The Adam Binder Novels


Adventure Time

The Adventures of Joseph Rouletabille

Adventures of the Bailey School Kids (Graphix Chapters)

The African Graphic Novel Series

Afro Unicorn

Age Matters

Age of Bronze

Age of Conan: Valeria [2019]

The Age of Uprising

Age of X-Man

Age of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler (2019)

Agents of Atlas


Aladdin (Disney)

Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians

The Alden Family Mysteries

Alex + Ada

Alex Craft

Alex Rider

Alex Verus

Alias Emma

Alice in Borderland

Alice in Kyoto Forest

Alice Osemanverse (Chronologically)

Alice's Adventures

Aliens Comics

All Creatures Great and Small - UK

All Creatures Great and Small - US

All My Friends Are Dead

All the Time

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy

All-New Hawkeye (2015, 1st Series)

All-New Hawkeye (2015-2016, 2nd Series)

All-New Wolverine [2016]

All-New X-Men [2016]

All-New, All-Different Avengers (2015)

The All-Nighter

All-Star Superman

Alma's Words/Las palabras de Alma

Alphabet is for

Alternator Books

Always Anjali

I Am

I am a Cat Barista

I Am Groot {2017}

The Amazing Mary Jane (2019)

The Amazing Spider Man (2018-)

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man [2014]

Amazing Spider-Man Worldwide

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows [2016]

America Chavez

American Ballet Theatre

American Girls

American Gods

American Gods: Shadows

American Vampire

The American Way

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

Amory Ames

Amos Decker


Amy Wu

Anatole - mouse

Anatomy of a Health

The Ancient Magus' Bride [Manga]

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Readers

And Wasn't Sorry

Andrew Basnett

Andrew Lang's Fairy Books

Andy Carpenter


Anholt's Artists

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Deserted Island Diary

Animal Heroes

Animal Problems


The Animals of Farthing Wood


Animorphs Graphix




Annabelle & Aiden

Anne of Green Gables

Annie's Attic

The Annual Migration of Clouds

L'année du lièvre

Anonymous Diaires

Another (Manga)

Another Castle [2016]

Another Coop Heist

Anzu the Great Kaiju

Ao Haru Ride

Aperture Monographs

The Apothecary Diaries (manga)

The Arabic Quilt

Arcade World

Archer and Armstrong [2012]

Archie Sheridan / Gretchen Lowell

Architectural Digest

Arden High

Aria: The Masterpiece



Arlo & Pips

Armor Hunters

Around the World in 80... (Welbeck)

Arsène Lupin

The Art of Camilla d'Errico

The Art of Magic: The Gathering

Art of Star Wars

Art Ops

Artemis Fowl


Ascendance of a Bookworm: I'll do Anything to Become a Librarian! [Manga]


Asgardians of the Galaxy

Ash & Thorn

Assassin's Heart

Assassination Classroom


Assigned Male

Assistant to the Villain

Assiti Shards


Astonishing Ant-Man

Astonishing X-Men [2017]

Attack on Titan

Auguste Dupin

Auntie Mame

Aurora Teagarden

The Austen Project


Un autre regard

The Avant-Guards

Avengers Assemble (2012)

Avengers by Jason Aaron

Avengers Unleashed

Avengers Vol. 8 (2018-)

Avengers: The Children's Crusade

Avraham Avraham



Baby Animal Tales

Baby Animal Tales

Baby Animals

Baby Believer

Baby Loves Science

Baby University

The Babylon Chronicles

Back to the Future

The Backstagers

Bad Girls of the Bible

Baker Street Letters

A Baker Street Mystery

Baloney and Friends



Barbalien: Red Planet

Barbarella (2017)

Barefoot Gen

A Barefoot Singalong

Basic Art Series

Basic art series 2.0

Basil of Baker Street

Basilisk (2021)

Basketful of Heads


Batgirl Vol. 1 [2000-2006]

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

Battle Angel Alita