NOTE: These feeds are deprecated for ongoing use and may not be updated frequently. They are retained for legacy reasons.


Filename: recommendations.xml

Sample Feed: recommendations_small.xml

Status: No longer being added to; file be retired May 1, 2022

Contents and Purpose

This is a straightforward work-to-recommended works format.

Note: This is a deprecated feed. The data in this feed uses a version of the recommendations algorithm which has been superceded. In addition, recommendations within this feed will include too many author- and series-repetitions for display, unless you throttle them back on other data.


    <work workcode="14" count="20">
        <recommendedwork rank="1">708756</recommendedwork>
        <recommendedwork rank="2">376671</recommendedwork>
        <recommendedwork rank="3">1392416</recommendedwork>
        <recommendedwork rank="20">136284</recommendedwork>

Elements and Attributes

<recommendations> is the top-level element.
  • <work> (repeated) is the work that is recommending. Is has the required attributes:
    • workcode="N" attr is the work id, called the workcode.
    • count="N" attr is the number of recommendations.
    • <recommendedwork> (repeated) is for the works recommended. The number within the element is the work id, or workcode, of the work recommended.
      • rank="N" attr is rank of the recommendation—1 is the best recommendation, 2 the second-best, etc.

Series Information

Filename: ckinfo_series.xml

Sample Feed: ckinfo_series.xml

Status: To be retired May 1, 2022

Contents and Purpose

This is a feed of series information for works.


		<text>A Sleuthing Sisters Mystery</text>
				The Sleuthing Sisters is a cozy-mystery series set in Michigan and written by Maggie Pill.
			<work order="0001">
				<text>A Sleuthing Sisters Mystery (Book 1)</text>
				<displaytext>A Sleuthing Sisters Mystery</displaytext>
				<position>Book 1</position>
			<work order="0002">
				<text>A Sleuthing Sisters Mystery (Book 2)</text>
				<displaytext>A Sleuthing Sisters Mystery</displaytext>
				<position>Book 2</position>
			<work order="0003">
				<text>A Sleuthing Sisters Mystery (Book 3)</text>
				<displaytext>A Sleuthing Sisters Mystery</displaytext>
				<position>Book 3</position>
			<work order="0009">
				<text>A Sleuthing Sisters Mystery (9|Omnibus 1 - 3)</text>
				<displaytext>A Sleuthing Sisters Mystery</displaytext>
				<position>Omnibus 1 - 3</position>
				<position_simple>Omnibus 1 - 3</position_simple>