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Apr 9, 2007
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What's on Librarything is what's on my shelves, except for about a dozen duplicate copies that I've left out. I suppose a lot of it's British. There are relatively few female writers (~15% of the total), but I don't know why. Books not originally published in English are also sadly underrepresented (~20%). I've got a goodly number of plays and short stories and volumes of poetry, but my true love is the novel. I'm just now getting into non-fiction: after years of trying to force myself into philosophy, I find that history and science are the only subjects for which I have any patience. I don't keep books if I don't think I'll ever want to read them again, but sometimes I keep books I couldn't finish if I feel like it was just bad timing on my part.

As for tags, "college" means I read it during college, "HS" means I read it in high school, and "pre-HS" means (you guessed it) I read it before high school, although some of the HS and most of the pre-HS books have disappeared over the years. Almost all of the other tags are places/centuries of origin or non-fiction categories.

A roundabout explanation of my rating system: A four-and-a-half star book for me is one that I thought was excellent in every way except that I didn't feel emotionally involved. Thus, a five-star books is excellent and probably made me go all starry-eyed afterward with thoughts about how profound the world is, etc. The meaning of the other stars can probably be extrapolated from that. I rarely ever keep anything rated lower than three stars, unless it has sentimental value or I feel like I need to reread it someday.
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Read in 2011 (in approximate order from best to worst):
Big Girls Don't Cry: The Election That Changed Everything for American Women by Rebecca Traister
Wolf Totem by Jiang Rong
Bossypants by Tina Fey
84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff (reread)
The Possessed: Adventures with Russian Books and the People Who Read Them by Elif Batuman
Sabriel by Garth Nix
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