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Sobre Minha Biblioteca
Too, too large. Maybe 10,000, but probably closer to 15,000. I travel extensively and so the vast majority is in storage. Many of the books listed here are w/ me. My paperbacks often get left in a hostel, airplane, pension, bus, campground, etc. as I believe in spreading the joy....I've also sold a few....

I collect, among other entities: 1st editions of Edward Abbey and ephemera; H.D. Thoreau 1st/early editions, related works, and ephemera; natural history/geology/surveying/cartography early editions; 1st person exploration accounts; Government pamphlets (National Park Service, US Geological Survey, US Biological Survey - now Fish and Wildlife) from the early years; 1st editions (preferably signed) of any book that I read and truly enjoyed; quality photography/art books (Salgado, Picasso, etc.); travel books (the more obscure, the better); Robert Crumb editions and ephemera, etc.
About Me
[17]Oct 2020 - Feb 2020 physical therapy, Winslow, AZ
[16]Oct 2020 - Full knee replacement, Flagstaff, AZ
[15]May 2020 - Oct. 2020 Hanging out with Covid on North Rim
[14]December 2019 - May 2020 traveling thru Sri Lanka and Malta; Waiting out Corvid-19 in Malta.
[13]June 2019 spent volunteering at Glen Canyon NRA removing graffiti as part of Team Grit along the shores of Lake Powell
[12]May 2019 - November 2019, at Grand Canyon North Rim mostly reading with some hiking
[11]December - April, 2019 in South America: Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador (Machu Picchu, Uyuni Salt Flats, Nazca Lines, Galapagos, etc.)
[10]Spending the summer (April - November)at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Will be working for the Grand Canyon Association again. Cabin life, once again, remote.
[9]4+ months spent traveling around Southeast Asia with Sarah. Visited Indonesia, Malaysia (including Borneo), Thailand (overnite train from Georgetown to Bangkok), Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, VietNam, and Brunei. Also went to Singapore on my own.
[8]Living in Sumatra, Indonesia near Bukit Lawang and Gunung Leuser National Park....working on a research project w/ orangutans; Visa runs have included Singapore, Georgetown (Penang), Kuching (Malaysia), and Yangon, Myanmar.
[7]Spent 3 months in Tasmania and south / south central Australia north to Alice Springs. Now off to Sumatra, Indonesia (Feb 2017) to work with Orangutans....
[6]A successful completion of the wilderness ranger position in the Sangre de Cristo Mtns., and now Sarah and I are headed to Tasmania for a month and a half of rambling....turned into nearly 3 months!
[5]Coming up....New Mexico and a wilderness ranger position w/ the USFS in the Pecos Wilderness just east of Santa Fe!
[4]Firmly ensconced at the Grand Canyon for the winter...working at Kolb Studio and Verkamp's.
[3]Back from England and Wales. Walked the SW Coast Path, one of the world's finest trails. Now, on to Hawaii and Hawaii Volcanoes NP for the summer.
[2]About ready to retire! Will be leaving Alaska in January 2015. Moving on to travel the lesser known locales, work in cool environmental gigs, backpack wherever it looks like fun, etc. Stay tuned!
[1]Currently work as a park ranger. Have worked in the past as a geologist, wildlife biologist, cartographer, surveyor, librarian, microscopist, soils and materials technician, and a tour guide. I have EDD (Employment Deficit Disorder). Another way of putting it....I never saw a good job that I couldn't saunter away from for something else.
Traveller w/ no known home