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Natalie served as a police officer and detective in England for ten years before resigning in 2011 to become a Christian missionary! "Planet Police" contains humorous and revealing stories from the front line.

Natalie then served on the Logos Hope Christian mission ship for two years. She published her adventures in "The Logos Life." Whilst on the ship she met a group of boys abusing solvents in the Philippines, "They’re Rugby Boys, Don’t You Know?" tells this story.

Later she returned independently to the Philippines. Her fourth book "A Missionary in Manila" documents this.

Natalie began writing a series of fictional books for Christian children in 2017. They are in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure. The first two books, "Reuben's Choice" and "Reuben and Joseph" are available on Kindle. She is in the process of writing the third.
Banbury, England
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