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Jun 28, 2009
Real Name
Roland F. Perkins
Sobre Minha Biblioteca
A collection of about 1,500 titles in English, Greek, Latin, Spanish, and French; with a smattering of Italian and Portuguese; few or no other languages, except for translations of the Bible. Small colleciton of U.S. and U.K. poets, mostly post-1900.

I rarely acquire any book that is available in most public libraries, unless it is something that I would want to consult frequently. Thus, though there is much on literary subjects, there are few novels, except some out of print ones. I am not, in general, much interested in rare or scarce books, or in first editions -- only interested in the content. Besides literature, my main interests are history (mostly Western and Polynesian), and religion and history-- with or without emphasis on the interfaces between those two.
About Me
Retired (1986) Professor of Classical Studies, ʻAtenisi University, Nukuʻalofa, Tonga; also re tired librarian, Boston University, Hawaiʻi Public Library System, and others (ret. 1993).
Free lance writer and translator. Author of "A Sense of Order; [translations from French, Greek, Spanish, and Hawaiian"; "Greek and Hawaiian Terms of Authority and Emotion in the Hawaiian Bible"; and others.
Waiʻanae, HI USA
Página pessoal
http://q b c d e f g h i j k l , n o p
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Philip Abbott, Said K. Aburish, Kenneth D. Ackerman, Michael Adams, Dawn Adrienne, Aeschylus, Henry David Aiken, Keith Alldritt, Lee Allen, Gordon W. Allport, Perry Anderson, Natalie Angier, Joyce Appleby, Jules Archer, Aristophanes, Robinson Edwin Arlington, Michael Astour, Bernard S. Bachrach, Jean H. Baker, David Baldacci, Peter Bamm, Susan Banfield, William Barclay, Giorgio Bassani, Sharon Begley, Saul Bellow, Ronald Bergan, Laurence Bergreen, Martin Gardiner Bernal, Silvio Bertoldi, Michael R. Beschloss, Niko Besnier, Charles Rowan Beye, Harry Blamires, Craig L. Blomberg, Benson Bobrick, Anders Bodelsen, Paul F. Boller, Larissa Bonfante, Albert Borowitz, Marie Borroff, Matthew Myer Boulton, Fabio Bourbon, G. W. Bowersock, Ernest Boyd, Gregory A. Boyd, Kevin Boyle, Bertolt Brecht, Wallace Alvin Briggs, Marcel Brion, Wayne G. Broehl, Fredric Brown, Oscar Browning, Robert Brown, Tricia G. Brown, Paul Buhle, Sergius Bulgakov, Jacob Burckhardt, John Lewis Burckhardt, James Lee Burke, William Cahn, Italo Calvino, Albert Camus, Lou Cannon, Andrea Carandini, D. A. Carson, Miranda Carter, Christopher Catherwood, Catullus, John Cheever, G.K. Chesterton, Carolyn Chute, Marcus Tullius Cicero, David Claerbaut, Rosemary Clark, Claude Emmanuel Pastoret, Frank Close, Jennifer Coates, Tom Coffman, I. Bernard Cohen, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Joseph Conrad, Robert Coover, Frederick Copleston, Gregory Corso, Louis William Countryman, Betty Jean Craige, Hart Crane, Stephen Crane, Thomas J. Craughwell, St. John of the Cross, David Crystal, E. E. Cummings, Fazil Husnu Daglarca, Joseph Dallett, James Darmesteter, Basil Davidson, Dick Davis, Gavan Daws, Dorothy Day, Pamela Dell, Vine Deloria, Jr., Milovan Djilas, Jay P. Dolan, Nancy Dorian, Nancy C. Dorian, Philip Dray, Robert Drews, Michael D. C. Drout, J. Wight Duff, F. W. Dupee, Diana L. Eck, Ludwig Edelstein, John S. D. 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