Real Name
Quintasha Wallace
Sobre Minha Biblioteca

Nicole at the age of 10 years old was exposed to more things than she could imagine. Living in a single parent home, with a mother suffering from depression made Nicole grow up with unanswered questions in her young life. Nicole wanted nothing more than to have a mother daughter relationship with her mother Kim.

About Me

At a very young age, I always saw myself be doing stuff for the families and children in the community. I went into the Social Worker field to learn
how to work with families and build and develop communication skills. While in college I did an internship working with children in a daycare, that experience open my eyes to a path/ journey I wanted to explore, but I knew I would need a lot more schooling, training, and guidance. In 2008 with working as a case manager: a parent saw the calling in me that I kept ignoring for years, but with the will and determination I opened up my first Daycare program in my home. I provider care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. It was the most for filling experience that I every enjoyed doing in my life. I knew working in 2001 as a Group Leader, then moving up to a program director would only open doors to having a program of my own. I still have a lot of goals and aspiration that I want to for fill like have a center base program that will have an after-school program, offer scholarships to children for college and a program that would allow students to develop and discover talents they didn’t know they had. I see myself as a positive leader that will encourage all young children that the world around them is filled with opportunity.

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