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What stars mean:

1 = Books that should not be read.
2 = Books that are bad or forgettable, but more worthy than one star.
3 = Books that are enjoyable, but nothing to write home about.
4 = Books that are hard to put down and can’t wait to pick up again.
5 = Books I would like to read again.
Update 12/31/2023
Entire Collection
Stars Count Percent
1------- 26-- 3.93%
2-------173-- 26.17%
3-------271-- 41.00%
4-------143-- 21.63%
5------- 48-- 7.26%
Average Rating 3.02118003025719

Books read before joining LibraryThing
Stars Count Percent
1------- 7-- 1.78%
2-------126-- 32.06%
3-------152-- 38.68%
4------- 67-- 17.05%
5------- 41-- 10.43%
Total-- 393--100.00%
Average Rating 3.02290076335878

Books read after joining LibraryThing
Stars Count Percent
1--------20-- 6.76%
2--------48-- 16.22%
3-------127-- 42.91%
4--------82-- 27.70%
5--------19-- 6.42%
Average Rating 3.10810810810811

I joined Librarything in 2009. I consistantly updated my home page every six months. Until now. This update is two years, not six months, after the last update. 2021 to 2023. Oh well, here are comments about my 2022 and 2023 reading:

I re-read Ender's game. One of my favorite books. That is the only re-read. Here are the other books I would recommend: Killing Floor (Jack Reacher), Nightmares and Dreamscapes and Sleeping Beauties (Stephen King), Chain of Command (Jack Ryan), Flash Point (Jack Ryan Jr.), and Target Acquired (A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel).

Here are books I gave one star: Calico Joe by John Grisham; Fall, or, Dodge in Hell by Neal Stephenson; Ford County by John Grisham, and Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. Neal Stephenson and John Grisham have written books I enjoyed a lot, so bummed about them being on my bad side.

The Overall rating went down to 3.10810810810811 from 3.13970588235294. That is 0.03159777424483, a 1.0063928096714% drop.
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