May 10, 2008
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Lyn Robinson
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Personal library, much on Library & Information Science.

If you are studying with us at CityLIS, I tag books with our module codes:

INM301, LISF (Library and Information Science Foundation)
INM303, IO (Information Organisation)
INM304, DigiLibs (Digital Libraries)
INM305, IR (Information Retrieval)
INM307, InfoRes (Information Resources and Documentation)
INM308, Libraries and Publishing
INM341, IMP (Information Management and Policy)
INM348, DITA (Data, Information, Technologies and Applications)
INM356, RMC (Research Methods and Communication)
INM361, IDLE (Information, Data, Law and Ethics
INM709, (Child and Adolescent Literature, Literacy and Library Services)

Please note, these books are my personal selection/collection; students registered for our masters courses will receive more detailed module and session specific reading lists.

If you would like to know more about our masters courses in Library Science, and in Information Science, please look at:

CityLIS website

CityLIS blog

@CityLIS on twitter


About Me

Academic & Londoner. Head of Library & Information Science, CityLIS, at City, University of London. I direct our innovative Library School and co-direct our research centre, the Centre for Information Science, with Professor David Bawden.

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