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As I would probably spend the next decade uploading all the books I've ever read, my LibraryThing is a record of the books I'll be reading from 2010 onwards. I'm hoping to review each one as I go - wish me luck!
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I’ve just finished a Graduate Certificate of Editing and Publishing, which came off the back of a B.A. in Communications, majoring in Writing and Cultural Studies. I’m 22, and the goal is to be a copyeditor for a top-notch publishing house like Random House Australia or Harper Collins by the time I reach the big 3-0. But for the moment, I’m biding my time in admin while I look for my break into the industry. I make my home in the ‘burbs with my boyfriend, Ian, and our fish – Lol, Nom, Mel (Gibson), Skish, Squirt, and Origami the Gourami (our newest edition).
Sydney, Australia
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