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Dec 31, 2009
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Well, before I left to travel, I owned a rather large and (if I might say so) impressive library. Most of these can be found in my "Lost Library" collection here on LibraryThing.
My collection focused on literature, but I also had extensive sections on history, science, medicine, anthropology, travel, linguistics, sexuality, and an antiquarian room.
I miss my antiquarian books, as they were very special to me, and dated as far back as the 14th Century.

I still dream of eventually putting together a notable library consisting of any book worth noting from Ancient Times to present, as well as books on every topic imaginable, especially history, and allowing people to come and study or explore. I think that as digital books become increasingly popular, enormous physical libraries will become a rarity, and I'd like to be known for possessing one of the notable ones. I love sharing my books, though my generosity with letting friends borrow volumes hasn't always worked out so well in the past.
I am still searching the world for a suitable place to build this library of mine, but I have always imagined it in either Greece or Italy.

I am a devoted list-maker, and my catalog of books here on LT is one of my favorites to expand. I have kept a record of every book I have read since 2004.
All of those are entered here, and the ones that I read before that are entered whenever I remember them.

I mainly read classics and/or literary books and historical fiction. However, I'm always open to broadening my horizons. In the past few years I have started reading far more non-fiction - lots of history, medicine, and biographies. I love memoirs, and books about obscure scientific topics.
I usually don't care for fiction set in modern times, time travel books (they annoy me), or sci-fi.
I like fantasy, but I am extremely picky about it, and I don't go looking for it. Most of the fantasy I've read is because it was recommended for people who like Tolkien. But still, it's never the same. I have to admit that I am unabashedly taken with Harry Potter, though. They are a guilty pleasure that I feel no guilt about.

About Me
I'm Jordan.

I am an amateur filmmaker, photographer, reader, and writer currently travelling the world on a journey with no destination or end date.
So far, I have been travelling fulltime for over 4 years. My favorite country is Egypt, other favorites are Pakistan, Greece, Mexico, and Uzbekistan.

I don't live anywhere, anymore, but I do travel from place to place out of a small backpack.
Awhile ago, I got rid of my apartment and all of my things in Miami (including my extensive book collection) to become a digital nomad.

Up until that point, I had read books constantly - an average of one every day or two. My life had always been intricately entwined with both the reading of and the collecting of books. I had read books about adventures and voyages and faraway lands for all of my life, but when I left the U.S., I stopped reading at such a voracious pace. Now, I am still an avid reader, but I make room for stories of my own as well, and I think that it's going quite well.

Well, my once extensive book collection is gone now - and I can only carry one, or perhaps two, books with me at a time in my backpack. At first I tried using an eReader, but it just isn't the same.
Letting the breeze ruffle through the pages of your book on a rooftop in Marrakesh, or on a park bench in Paris, or on a rather unofficial train in Central America, just isn't the same as staring into your iPad. A beat-up and worn paperback also doesn't quite invite thieves so glaringly, either.

My favorite book of all time is "Collected Fictions" by Jorge Luis Borges, who is also by far my favorite author.
I used to say that it was impossible to choose just one favorite book, but that was before I found Borges. Thanks to him, my world of books is forever changed. He is also the reason that I am learning Spanish.

Besides reading, I am in the stock market, walk long distances, find Thai food and cats wherever I am, learn languages, do photography, and theorize about philosophies and musings and whatever else in the form of my writings.
I am currently writing a novel and a never-ending encyclopedia about the relationships between people, space, and time.

Besides books, I love history, lists, astrophysics, anthropology, medicine, music, the idea of rather than the solving of mathematics, learning new things, statistics and analytics of anything and everything, travel, and much else. I love knowledge in general.

I am currently learning Spanish, Arabic, and Romanian, so if anyone would like to do some language exchange - especially in Romanian! - please do let me know.

If you're really interested and would like to see a less intellectual and reader-esque version of my life, you could always visit my Youtube travel channel.
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