Jul 23, 2010
About Me
Jennifer Solow is the author of THE ARISTOBRATS – about four best friends who’ve finally made it the very top of the populadder at Wallingford Academy only to be handed an assignment that threatens to ruin everything (even their friendship).

Like her characters, Jennifer once attended an exclusive private school where her spot on the populadder waivered depending on whatever haircut she had at the time (long: good, short: not so good) and where the idea for this book began.

Soon after, Jennifer moved to Manhattan, where she was an advertising creative director, wore a lot of cool clothes, and worked with a few famous guys named Spike. She was stuck in a meeting in downtown Manhattan on 9/11 when she decided to become a writer. Her first novel, The Booster, became a national bestseller.

She now lives in Mill Valley with her husband and two tweenagers. (And no, she never borrows anything they say word-for-word because that would be a terrible thing for a mother to do!)

She is working on the next Aristobrats: Stay Pretty, Wallingford!
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