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1. Juliet the Maniac-Juliet Escoria
2. Wrong Placce Wrong Time-Gillia McAllister
3. Mary-Nat Cassidy
4. Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents-Gibson Lindsay
5. House of Hunger-Alexis Henderson
6. No Longer Human-Osamu Dazai
7. The Passenger-Cormac McCarthy
8. Moon Lake-Joe R. Lansdale
9. The Cabin at the End of the World-Paul Tremblay
10. When Darkness Loves Us-Elizabeth Engstrom
11. The Iliac Crest-Cristina Rivera Garza
12. Our Wives Under the Sea-Julia Armfield
13. The Belly of Paris-Emile Zola
14. The Writing Retreat-Julia Bartz
15. Nadja-Andre Breton
16. When We Cease to Understand the World-Benjamin Labatut
17. Medusa-Jessie Burton
18. So Sad Today-Melissa Broder
19. How to Sell A Haunted House-Grady Hendrix
20. Cleopatra and Frankenstein-Coco Mellors
21. The Beauty-Aliya Whiteley
22. Blindsight-Peter Watts
23. Don't Fear the Reaper-Stephen Graham Jones
24. Ice-Anna Kavan
25. A Fair Maiden-Joyce Carol Oates
26. What Moves the Dead-T Kingfisher
27. Second Place-Rachel Cusk
28. The Driver's Seat-Muriel Spark
29. Blue Hunger-Viola Di Grado
30. American Prometheus-Kai Bird
31. Elektra-Jennifer Saint
32. The Future of Another Timeline-Annalee Newitz
33. Who is Maud Dixon?-Alexandra Andrews
34. Pure Color-Sheila Heti
35. A Voyage to Arcturus-David Lindsay
36. Woman, Eating-Claire Kohda
37. Creep-Jennifer Hillier
38. The Shards-Bret Easton Ellis
39. Revenge-Yoko Ogawa
40. The Last Word-Taylor Adams
41. The Seas-Samantha Hunt
42. What Moves the Dead-T Kingfisher
43. Poor Things-Alasdair Gray
44. Dawn-Octavia E Butler
45. A Children's Bible-Lydia Millet
46. Walking to Aldebaran-Adrian Tchaikovsky
47. Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl-Andrea Lawlor
48. The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea-Yukio Mishima
49. Night Bitch-Rachel Yoder
50. Stella Maris-Cormac McCarthy
51. Eartheater-Dolores Reyes

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