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James L Capra
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Pop-Pops Amazing Bedtime Stories were written based onstories that I would make up and tell my children at night before bedtime. Reading and telling stories became a routine after bedtime prayers. As the parents of six children, it was our desire to not only spark their individual imaginationsbut to inspire them to read stories on their own. I would often tell my children that if youcould read, and read well, there is nothing that you couldn’t learn or do forthat matter. These books are intended toignite the imagination of young readers who will delight in the adventures ofthe characters in each book as well as highlight the characters skill and bravery.
About Me
James L. Capra is an author, professional speaker and currently the CEO and Founder of the Front Line Leadership Group located in Argyle, Texas. Jimmy, as he is known by his friends andcolleagues, retired after nearly 3 decades with the Drug Enforcement Administrationhaving served in numerous leadership positions throughout the United States. He is the author of several books toinclude: Leadership at the Front Line:Lessons Learned about Loving, Leading andLegacy from a Warrior and Public Servant; The Eagle and the Seagulls: A Wisdom Story for Children and Adults; RaisingCourageous Children in a Cowardly Culture: The Battle for the Hearts and Mindsof our Children, which wasco-authored with his wife Shelly. Jimmy has been married to his wife Shelly for over 39 years and they arethe proud parents of six outstanding children, most who have taken up lives aspublic servants.
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