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The Indiana Historical Bureau maintains a reference collection to support its research for historical markers and other publications. This collection does not circulate, but researchers are welcome (by appointment - email to schedule) to consult our reference books and research files. NOTE: This catalog is a work in progress. As of Nov. 2014, approx 20% of the collection has been cataloged.

The collection includes a sizeable quantity of grey literature, including curriculum guides, brochures, pamphlets, and non-academic research papers relating to the state of Indiana, which IHB has collected during its nearly 100 years as a state agency. Though many of these publications are not in keeping with current scholarship, the agency retains copies for reference, as they demonstrate the changes in the fields of public history, civics, and education from one decade to the next.

As you browse IHB's library on LibraryThing, these ephemera are part of separate collections and organized using a thematic call number (e.g., "IG" for Indiana government, "GIH" for general Indiana history) long-used by staff to organize the agency's resources. These call numbers are viewable in the "comments" field of the item's catalog entry. Once all items have been added to LibraryThing, ephemera will be organized in a special section of the IHB Resource Library and the remainder of the library will be arranged using Library of Congress call numbers.
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The Indiana Historical Bureau provides publications, programs, and other opportunities for Indiana citizens of all ages to learn and teach about the history of their communities, the state of Indiana, and their relationships to the nation and the world. The Indiana Historical Bureau also administers the Indiana Historical Marker Program.

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