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Just now at a place in my life that allows me to collect and read books. I've just started a new fascination with antique/rare books. Although I have yet to acquire many of them.
As I enter books into librarything, I am beginging to see a theme, if you will. America! Everything from Wars, History and Military, to the Old West & classic American Poets, Authors and Photographers.
I do have random, weird books in my library. I often estate sale and auction book collect. Sometimes $2 bucks for a big box of books...2 or 3 may be ones I really wanted, while the rest are just random and I cant bare to let any of them go. (Orginally played with the idea of or selling on amazon...but I just cant do it).

Please comment or add your connection. I'm very new to LibraryThing, and excited to start cataloging my books.
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