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Sobre Minha Biblioteca

My library contains a strong non-fiction bias. Primarily history (all eras) of Asian and European civilization, ethics, philosophy, and politics. Observational travel and current geo-political matters also have the privilege of place. Regarding fiction, it leans heavily toward Russian literature—especially Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Gogol, and the novels by Solzhenitsyn. However, I'll read anything interesting, regardless of the subject. Our original library contained 1500+ volumes. Unfortunately, the majority of it was destroyed. My hobby now is to replace my favorite books and add new ones. It might take a while. At the rate my adult children and grandchildren borrow them.

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Grandson of a librarian! The is no censorship in this family regarding books. Words used on the street should remain in print if they are germane to the characters of the story. If a book contains gratuitous sex, violence, foul, or hateful language, it will get the one- or two-star review. Ideas, however wrong in my opinion cause awareness of alternative views of most accepted paradigms and realities.

Boise, Idaho
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