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My library of books that I own are comprised of books that my uncle (who was an English major) gave to me, books that I've bought over the years since childhood (hence a lot of children's and young adult), and books that I've been buying recently since college (random novels & such picked up cheaply from used bookstores, the occasional local book sale, bookstore liquidation, and offhand consignment store purchase). I have bit of an eclectic taste, but genres that I like and tend to gravitate towards are children's, young adult, sci-fi, fantasy, normal novels about people's lives, and a smattering of period pieces, self-help, non-fiction, biographies/autobiographies, cultural, and spiritual pieces interspersed within my collection. When it comes to buying books, I'm a sucker for a good deal and for used bookstores where I automatically go on the hunt for something interesting to read which will just pile up in my room into a huge stack of unread material that I will get to "someday" in my life, haha. I am definitely trying to make this happen because reading is a fundamental activity on my individual path to the pursuit of happiness. If I don't get time to relax and read for long stretches of time, then something inside me starts feeling quite off, and plus I like the constant intellectual stimulation it affords me.

"Reading good books ruins you for enjoying bad books." - Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows

“He looked around for something to read, found nothing to his annoyance, being addicted to this vice above all else.” - Robert Heinlein

"The actual aim of her mission hadn't been mentioned, of course, but Luddie was as adept at adding two and two as most people who read massive tomes." - Colleen McCullough
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I am an avid, passionate reader - reading has been the one constant enjoyment of my life and, I believe, always will be! I think I have diverse and varied interests and also possess a healthy amount of curiosity, vitality, and open-mindedness being a citizen of this world. I have never felt part of or akin with organizations or clubs (well, traditional ones more specifically) but I always have a wonderful affinity with fellow book readers. The only other interesting organization that I enjoy is couchsurfing of which I have partaken of as a couchsurfer while I visited Europe and am trying to promote in the States, but alas, not so much activity here. Well, that's all I'll share for now. Anyways, people that frequent this website can surely tell what kind of people are on here in a broad sense, and then some by taking a peek at their library collections ;)
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