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Mar 17, 2007
Real Name
Sobre Minha Biblioteca
My library is extremely eclectic because I cannot turn away any book that comes my way. If someone has had the good luck to get a book published, I believe I should at least give their book a try. I'll admit that several of my books are simply horrible and how they ever got published is a mystery. Because I have run out of space, I have begun to give more recent purchases to my children and grandchildren with the understanding that I can reclaim them at any time.

I have all of my mother's and father's books; almost all of
my brother's World War II books (many about the Philippines because that's where Dad was a POW and subsequently killed), plus many odd books he gave me. I have added to the WWII collection on my own. I'm also interested in the Civil War - grandpa and great-grandpa served in the Union Army. And some WW I - because Dad also served in that one.
About Me
Reading was as fundamental as food in my family; when desparate,we would even read cereal boxes! I read 80-100 books a year; there's the living-room-book, the bedroom-book, and the at-work book. Caveat: do not read similar genre books at the same time! I collect paper dolls (among many other things) and keep them cataloged - thus the preponderance in this catalog.

In between reading I work full-time as a bookkeeper (alas, numbers only), and I crochet, knit, do cross stitch; make and sell decorated frames, trinket boxes, magnets, etc.; work on the family geneaology; have built a huge dollhouse; make Tamari balls; work on assembling all the family photos and putting them on CDs; make greeting cards for sale; do some writing; and do a modicum of housework.

About my rating system: there are a lot of 5-stars given, meaning the books (art, coffe-table, etc) are beautifully concieved, or other books that I would probably read again.


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